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How to work with nutra vertical on Everad example

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Cloaking service: what tasks does it solve in affiliate marketing

How ChatGPT could be helpful for affiliate

Everad Academy continues training for beginners in affiliate marketing!

If you are determined to become an affiliate, but the first association that comes to mind when you hear the word “cloaking” – is something about fish, this course is for you!

The training will take place in a private chat, where future affiliates will be able to get basic knowledge and support from experts and the best representatives of the affiliate marketing market.


  • weekly educational articles, case studies, instructions and manuals
  • tests and exams
  • brain training puzzles
  • exclusive bonuses from services
  • advice from market experts
  • communication with coursemates
  • drawing of tickets for affiliates events
  • rewards for the best students
  • and, of course, support by the Everad team during your first running campaign

With us your first steps in affiliate marketing will be confident, smooth and enjoyable.

Everad is all about 11 years of experience and knowledge that we are looking forward to sharing!


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