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Facebook Accounts Farming: step by step instructions and alternatives to Manual Farming

Accounts Farming in affiliate marketing is the preparation of profiles for the launch of advertising. The affiliate mimics the actions of real users so that the ad network will allow the promotion to run.

Why do we need farming, what is it, and on what sites is it required?

The fact is that advertising networks often block affiliate accounts due to violations of certain rules.

Accordingly, in order to continue to advance, affiliates need new accounts. At first, you can use the profiles of friends, acquaintances, and relatives – but sooner or later they will end.

If an affiliate simply registers a new account and tries to launch ads right away, the fresh profile will be blocked, preventing promotion. The advertising network understands that fresh profiles promote those who have other accounts blocked, which means that the user violated the rules in the past.

Farming is needed to get around this limitation and keep moving forward. In other words, after registering a new profile, the affiliate does not launch ads immediately but imitates the actions of ordinary users so that the advertising network believes that this is a new person’s profile.

To mimic the behavior of regular users on Facebook, affiliates do the following:

  • Fill out the page, add photos and notes, and indicate information about age, gender, city, and other indicators;
  • They are active, for example: put likes, make reposts, comment on posts, and subscribe to FanPage;
  • They are socially active, looking for friends and chatting with them.

We will tell you more about how exactly to farm accounts in the next section.

Farming itself lasts from two weeks to a month. It can be longer, it will only increase the credibility of the account and make work more comfortable in the future.

Trust is a conditional level of trust in the advertising network in the account. The higher it is, the less careful moderation will be. Also, high trust extends the life of the account, reduces the risk of bans, and has a positive effect on the effectiveness of advertising.

Also, many farm accounts are not for themselves. Farming accounts can be sold profitably, and within arbitration teams and media buying companies, farming is delegated to individual employees – farmers. They are only engaged in the preparation of profiles from which more experienced colleagues will fill in.

The position of a farmer is the initial step in affiliate teams. If a newcomer wants to get into the team and develop with colleagues, most often he occupies this position.

As a rule, Accounts Farming is required in the following ad networks:

  • Facebook/Meta
  • Google;
  • TikTok.

In smaller ad networks, farming is often not required. It is also worth considering that the algorithm for farming and preparing accounts in different networks differs. In this article, we will look at how to farm accounts for Facebook.

Instructions for farming accounts for Facebook

Before you start farming, you need to get some tools and consumables.

Here’s what you need to farm:

  • Antidetect Browser. You can learn more about anti-detect browsers from this article;
  • Proxy. It is better to choose mobile;
  • Unique user photos. Find them on non-Meta social media. For example, you can search in local sources. Before starting, unify them – slightly edit them in any photo editor and clear the metadata. For each profile, you need 5-10 live photos of one person;
  • Phone numbers from the region in which you will be promoting. You can use virtual numbers and services and receive SMS, or buy physical SIM cards. A more comfortable and correct option is physical SIM.

Also, before starting, you should consider future accounts, determine which numbers the profiles will be linked to, which pictures you will use on them, and what data you will enter. All information should be entered in the table, it will come in handy so as not to get confused in the future.

When all consumables and tools are ready, you can start farming.

First, you need to register accounts:

  1. Create a tab in the anti-detect browser with unique user fingerprints. Set the time and language to match the selected GEO;
  2. You need to fill in the cookies for each tab. Just visit different sites that use them, such as online stores. Avoid Meta sites, visit 20-30 sites, and try to visit different sites in different sequences so that FB can’t track the pattern;
  3. Register Gmail mail for each tab using numbers;
  4. Register FB accounts and partially fill in the data. Add multiple photos and cover, and enter different details for each profile. Do not create patterns – fill in different fields in different combinations for each account;
  5. Don’t forget to change the IP for each tab.

When all accounts are created, leave them until the next day.

Farming starts the next day – it should last for two weeks. During the farm, you need to perform the following actions for each account:

  • Completing a profile. Fill in the free fields, but without patterns. Some data can be left blank until the end of the farm;
  • Community subscriptions. You can choose communities for dating – this will help you find “friends” and increase social activity;
  • Friends. Leave an entry in the dating group with the caption “looking for friends” / “looking for relationships.” This will help collect friend requests. Add and remove users periodically;
  • Likes and comments. Like and comment on posts in communities and new posts from friends;
  • Messages. You can write to friends you have added, or reply to their messages;
  • Publications. Publish on your page the photos that you have prepared. You can also publish simple thematic photos – for example, cars;
  • Surfing. Visit stores and websites that may have a Facebook pixel. This is necessary for the social network to notice that you are an active user.
  • Weekend. For about a day or two a week, you can not log into your accounts so as not to show excessive activity.

Behave like a regular user, be active and creative, log in at different times and create as few patterns as possible. The less you repeat, the higher the trust of farmed profiles.

There are also a few more actions that need to be done once for each account:

  • Education. Take any course on advertising on the Meta Blueprint, around day 6-8 of the farm. This is necessary for the social network to understand that you are planning to engage in advertising and study its principle;
  • Fan page. Create a Fan Page for 8-10 days of farming. After creating, lead it, and publish posts. Make neutral content that can be related to the topic of your offer. For example, you can post nutrition tips or recipes if you plan to promote weight loss offers;
  • Business manager. Create a BM for 10-13 days of farming, using the created Gmail mail. If you are asked to confirm your identity, mount your ID card in any photo editor. The main thing is that it should have a photo with a person from the profile, full name, and date of birth.

That’s all!

You can farm accounts for as long as you like, but when the farm comes to an end, leave the accounts inactive for 1-2 days.

If an advertisement appeared in the FB feed, you spent at least two weeks on farming, and the account itself looks like a profile of a living person, it means that the farm was successful!

Alternatives to manual farming

If you are promoting through FB, TikTok, or Google, it will not work without farming, you will constantly need new accounts.

But, if there is no time for an independent farm, you can resort to one of the following options:

  • Hire a farmer. Farm can be delegated to another person if there is a budget to pay for his work. An option that is often used by team affiliates;
  • Autofarming services. You can use bots that will farm accounts for you. Efficiency and trust will be lower but will save time. An example of such a service is Scenum;
  • Buy accounts. You can buy accounts from profile stores, but be aware that you can encounter scammers and low-quality profiles. Store examples: FBClub, RaffStore, MakeMoneyFB.

In any case, we recommend farming accounts on your own, so you will be sure of trust and save your advertising budget.


Accounts Farming is the preparation of accounts for the launch of advertising in large networks. Without it, you will not be allowed to run ads from a fresh profile. This is a mandatory process. Treat the farm with attention, the trust of shapes and the efficiency of further work depend on it.


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