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What is Betting vertical in affiliate marketing

Betting is vertical with offers related to sports betting and offers from bookmakers. One of the oldest, most popular, and most complex arbitrage verticals, it has a high entry threshold.

Bookmakers cannot promote directly in most GEOs and traffic sources. Nevertheless, this is an extremely profitable business, and therefore companies cooperate with webmasters to attract new players.

Examples and categories of offers

Offers in betting are monotonous, almost always they consist in the fact that the webmaster must bring new players to the bookmaker.

There are direct offers when a betting company independently launches an affiliate program. As a rule, the payouts from such offers are higher.

Sometimes bookmakers turn to exist betting shops and work through intermediaries. In this case, the payments will be lower, and the conditions will become less comfortable.

It also happens that an affiliate program independently develops and opens bookmakers. This option gives the webmaster a greater choice of offers within one affiliate program.

In betting, offers are distinguished by the type of landing page. It can be a regular landing page or a mobile application. It is easier and cheaper to promote landing pages, but in the case of applications, the income can be higher due to longer contact with the user.

If they can forget about the landing, then the application will remain on the device and the chance that the user will return to it is higher.

Also, offers in betting are divided depending on the payment method or the target action. There are the following options:

  • CPA. When working on the CPA, the target action is the replenishment of the balance or making the first bet. After the hold, the funds will be credited to the balance as soon as the leads make a deposit;
  • Revshare. In this case, the bookmaker shares with the webmaster a percentage of the income from referred clients. To receive a payout, you need to wait until the user loses money on bets. Lifetime payments – that is, the webmaster receives payment for each loss of the referred player;
  • Hybrid option. This is a mixture of CPA and Revshare – the webmaster receives payments for both the first deposit and a percentage of the bookmaker’s income. Of course, the rates per targeted action will be lower than in other payment models.

Experienced webmasters advise beginners to choose CPA work, as in this case, payments will come faster. To work on Revshare, you need a serious budget, as profits can start coming in 2-3 months later.

Also, sometimes you can find offers with payment for registration or for installing an application. Such offers are rare, they are not available to most webmasters.

Vertical Features

Betting is a complex vertical with a high entry threshold. To work, you will need the skills to bypass moderation, readiness for high competition, and large budgets. If you run traffic to applications, you will have to learn how to work with them.

The main audience of the betting vertical is solvent adult men in advanced geos, such as Canada. The list of GEOs is limited, in many countries a negative attitude has been formed towards such entertainment, and the bookmakers themselves may be strictly prohibited.

It is also worth noting that betting in terms of specifics is very similar to another large vertical – gambling. You can read more about it here.

They promote betting offers in different ways – they often use social networks or advertising networks with specific traffic (for example, push notifications or banners). For applications, Google UAC is relevant.

Another popular method is the promotion of your own sites with sports predictions. The webmaster talks about high incomes and attracts an audience to a “private club”, to access which you must register using an affiliate link.

The last thing you should know about betting is the effect of seasonality. Often the demand for bookmakers and the influx of new players occurs during major sporting events, such as the Olympics or major football championships.


  • Distance income. When working on Revshare, you can collect a base of active players and receive passive income from each loss;
  • Lots of ways to promote. You can stream from almost all sources and even monetize your own communities with an audience;
  • Conversion triggers. Bookmakers constantly offer new promotions, bonuses, free bets, and other tempting offers to increase conversions;
  • A short path to the target action. It is enough for the audience to register and make a deposit, there is no need to wait for delivery or communicate with the operator.


  • Not exactly legal. In many countries, bookmakers are banned or heavily restricted. Also, almost all traffic sources prohibit the promotion of such offers;
  • High entry threshold. Driving traffic to betting is extremely difficult – you need large budgets and skills to work with anonymity. In addition, you will have to deal with the competition;
  • Monotonous offers. The offers of different bookmakers practically copy each other. It is very difficult to stand out in such a market;
  • Long payback. When working with Revshare, you will have to wait for actions from the players, and payouts are largely affected by the solvency of the audience in the selected GEO.

5 well-known affiliate programs in the betting vertical


  • Verticals – gambling, betting, finance;
  • Geo – there are offers all over the world;
  • Payouts – from $50 to cards, webmoney, qiwi, PayPal, cryptocurrencies;
  • Features – private offers, own applications, individual creatives, landing pages and blog content, 24/7 support.


  • Verticals – gambling and betting;
  • Geo – more than 100 countries;
  • Payouts – no minimum amount;
  • Features – own applications, a unique bot for working with software, private services for work, and content for blogs.


  • Verticals – gambling, betting, dating;
  • Geo – all over the world;
  • Payouts – from $30;
  • Features – tax compensation, legal protection, exclusive offers.


  • Verticals – gambling and betting;
  • Geo – 40+ countries in Europe and Asia + Canada;
  • Payouts – from $10, more than 200 payment methods;
  • Features – individual promotional materials, different payment models.


  • Verticals – gambling and betting;
  • Geo – 70+ countries in Europe, Latin America and Oceania. There are rare geos;
  • Payouts – from $10;
  • Features – free applications, bonuses for volume, work with most payment systems.


Betting is one of the most difficult verticals in arbitrage, definitely not suitable for beginners due to the high entry threshold and competition. Nevertheless, the vertical can please with convenient conditions, good payouts and advanced support from bookmakers.


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