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Nutra offer that will benefit for every beginner

One of the most common questions that beginners ask us is “what offer will be easy and profitable for the first time?”

Today we will answer it!

In the material, we will tell you about the offer that is most suitable for beginners. We will reveal its essence and features, justify our decision, show what to focus on when choosing a product, and advise on how to drive traffic to it.

Let’s get started!

An offer with which your first time will be successful

So, our choice is Depanten.

Before we tell you why you should pay attention to Depanten and similar offers, take a look at the general data about the product:

  • Essence and positioning. This is a natural gel for joint pain, targeted at the European consumer. Among the advantages are convenient application, quick results, naturalness and the ability to cope with the problem without a visit to the doctor. All this can be used in creatives – but more on that later;
  • Form Factor. A convenient gel that quickly delivers healing substances to the site of pain. Easy to apply, you need to do it 2 times a day;
  • GEO. Supports 17 European GEOs, you can see their list below:

  • Payouts. Up to $35. Depends on GEO, a detailed list can be seen below;
  • Traffic sources. FB, Google, native networks;
  • Promotional materials. There are 74 landings and 20 pre-landers to choose from. We will talk about creatives for the niche of the joints below;
  • Advertiser requirements.

In general, this is a product with stable demand and comfortable conditions, which works right now and converts perfectly.

Depanten is perfect for the first driving of traffic!
An offer can give experience of working with different sources and GEOs, it is easy to promote, and the offer category itself is extremely promising.

The thing is that the niche of the joints has several key features that will make Driving of traffic easier and more productive:

  • Urgency. When the joints hurt – the user tries to find a solution as soon as possible. There is no time to think, and this raises the chances of a conversion;
  • Easy to pass moderation. Means for the joints pass more easily – after all, these are not 18+ products, and they are not weight loss products. In most cases, cloaking can be dispensed with;
  • Perspectives. Offers for the elderly audience have been gaining popularity in recent years due to the global aging of the population. It is likely that this trend will continue in the future;
  • Growing demand and seasonality. Joints hurt more when the weather changes – which means you can move into the seasons with high demand. As a rule, these include spring and autumn;
  • Wide audience. Setting up targeting is quite simple – after all, older people, their relatives or athletes are looking for such tools;
  • For any GEO. Joint pain is experienced regardless of regional characteristics, which means that you can run traffic to most GEOs and get a diverse experience.

In fact, Depanten is not the only one of its kind, we showed it as an example. The niche of joints in general is great for a beginner, and if you didn’t like our example, go to the next section and find out what to look for when choosing your first offer!

What to look for when choosing an offer?

So, if you decide to choose your first offer on your own, we recommend taking a vector for the joints niche. In the last section, we already told you why you should choose it.

And here are the characteristics that an offer should have that is suitable for the first driving of traffic:

  • Form Factor. It is better to select products for external use, it is easier to pass moderation with them, compared, for example, with capsules;
  • Payouts. Make sure that the payouts cover the traffic costs, but are not too high. A large bid can cause problems with ad optimization and conversions;
  • Approval and call center. Learn more about the call center, it is important that its staff consists of native speakers. Also, evaluate the approval yourself – if it is too low, you should choose another offer. When evaluating, do not forget to take into account the features of the GEO – for example, in Latin America, an approval of 20% is normal;
  • Advertiser requirements. Just make sure the advertiser allows your traffic sources;

  • Availability of data in SPY services. If the offer is promoted, it means that it makes a profit. In addition, data in SPY services will help you find ideas for creatives and landings;
  • GEO. If an offer supports several GEOs at once, this is a good sign. Most likely, it has already shown effectiveness in one country, and the advertiser decided to expand promotion regions. In addition, access to several GEOs provides more options and a diverse experience;
  • Adviсe. Do not forget to consult with the manager – he will always tell you which offers will bring you profit.

We have many similar offers, if Depanten does not suit you, go to Everad and choose the product you like!

And if you suddenly have questions or have difficulties with the choice, write to our manager. His job is to keep abreast of the market, know everything about converting offers and help partners. Be sure that with our manager you will definitely find the right offer!

How to run traffic to offers from joint pain?

First, let’s figure out which audiences such offers may be interested in:

  • Users 40+. It is at this age that problems with the joints become aggravated;
  • Relatives. Often, relatives of older people look for a solution to a problem online;
  • Athletes. Sports lead to rapid wear of the joints;
  • People who have experienced trauma. After injuries, the bones continue to ache and react to the weather.

In other words, you can launch targeting either for an age audience, or simply target a wide audience and entrust the selection of segments to optimization algorithms.

Now it’s worth learning more about the “pain” of the audience.
Here’s what people look for when buying products for joint pain:

  • Fast result.
  • Guaranteed effect.
  • Naturalness.
  • Express delivery.
  • Prices, discounts, promotions.
  • Protection against relapses and complications.

Use these theses when creating landing pages and creatives. They will help to convert the audience more efficiently – rely on them in the texts, but try to avoid stop words depending on the moderation severity of the selected source.

FB, Google, banner networks, push notifications, as well as advertising on local sites of the selected GEO are best suited as traffic sources for the joints niche.

Approaches to creatives will change depending on how loyal source moderation is to nutra-offers. Therefore, we will talk about approaches for different types of sources.

Approaches for sources with strict moderation:

  • Natural products. Add plants and natural products to your creatives. It is worth taking a vector either for inexpensive and familiar to GEO fruits and vegetables, or for unusual and attention-grabbing plants;

  • Recipes. Cocktails, smoothies, decoctions, ointments and similar products will hint to the viewer that the problem can be solved at home, at minimal cost;

  • Photo of joints. This will let the audience know what problem the tool is solving;

  • Illustrations. Add illustrations of joints and a demonstration of pain. Audience will understand that you offer is a solution to their problem;

  • Exercise and home treatment. Show exercises to improve the joints. They will hint at the theme of the product. In addition, such an approach will show that clicking on the link will be beneficial. With this approach, it is important to use informative pre-landers for warming up.

Approaches for sources with loyal moderation:

  • X-rays. Use disease x-rays and demonstrate the problem directly. X-rays can be used with severe cases of illness. They will show what will happen if the joints are not treated;

  • Shock content. You can attach a photo of the diseases themselves. The approach will clearly show that you need to be treated as soon as possible;

  • Doctors and media personalities.

  • Product visualization. If the advertiser allows such an approach, and if the offer is well known, you can simply run traffic to the picture with the package.

Otherwise, tests will show the effectiveness of the bundle. If you suddenly need creative ideas, use SPY services or ask a manager for advice. By the way, you can contact him and for other questions, he will tell you which landing page, offer and GEO will help you achieve the maximum profit!


Joints are one of the best categories of nutra offers for beginners. It is easy to find ideas for creo in it, you can work with different traffic sources and GEOs, just convert the audience and find profitable links.

We hope that the material will help you develop your first effective strategy.

Good luck!




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