How ChatGPT could be helpful for affiliate

Affiliates have been using neural networks effectively in their work for a long time. In advertising networks, neural networks are responsible for selecting an audience, graphic editors for processing, and voice acting for creating a natural voice.

Today you will learn how you can improve your work with the help of AI.

We are talking about one of the most hype neural networks of recent times – ChatGPT. In this article, we will tell you about its mechanics and features and suggest how to make affiliate marketing more efficient using ChatGPT!

Let’s get started!

Briefly about ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a text-based neural network from Open AI. She can answer questions, generate texts and videos, and write code. At the moment it is considered the most advanced neural network.

Trained on the fresh GPT-3.5 language model. It also had predecessors, but previous versions of the neural network did not remember the context of the dialogue and had less wide functionality.

Most neural networks currently do not have “memory”, do not take into account the context, and cannot correct answers with the help of new information.

From the point of view of the interface, everything is minimalistic. The main page has an FAQ, some tips and examples, and an input line.

It is with the help of the input line that the dialogue with ChatGPT begins. After you send the first message, the messenger interface with the neural network will open.

You can start a dialogue with a question, a request to do something, or immediately with a technical task. The neural network will start generating a response immediately, the speed depends on the server load. The answer is generated in real-time, spelled out.

The neural network supports several world languages and can translate them, but in general, it is better to always work in English. The quality of work in other languages is much worse, and the quality of translations is not too different from any online translator.

Access to the neural network is free, but you may have to wait in line if the servers are busy. In addition, the neural network is not available in some countries, registration is limited depending on the GEO and phone number.

There is also a paid subscription – ChatGPT Plus. Costs $20 per month, gives priority access and faster speed. Also, the developers promise access to new features among the first.

How to work with a neural network?

Working with ChatGPT is easy, no technical skills are required.
In this section, we’ll walk you through the details of how to get started.

Let’s start with registration:

1. Go to the Open AI website;

2. Click Sign Up;
3. Enter your email, or use your Google or Microsoft accounts;

4. Confirm mail with a message;
5. Enter your first and last name;

6. Enter a phone number;

7. Enter the code from SMS.


That’s all – immediately after registration you will be taken to the main page of ChatGPT. In the menu on the left, you can change the color theme, buy ChatGPT Plus, and find the FAQ. On the main screen, there are some tips and information about restrictions.

The most important thing is the line for entering a message at the bottom of the page. You can enter the first message and switch to messenger mode with ChatGPT. This is the only form of interaction.

For ChatGPT to complete the task, it is enough to ask correctly.

Here is what you should specify when working with a neural network:

  • Format. You can ask the neural network to write text, generate a picture, find information on the network, or simply answer a question;
  • Language. For texts, be sure to indicate the language of writing. Better to work in English;
  • Dimensions. For texts, you can specify a limit in characters or words, for pictures – in resolution;
  • Essence. Briefly describe the topic, come up with a title, give a short explanation, and explain what it is about. If you need to include certain details, such as a greeting in a certain format or a call to action, indicate this;
  • Additional data. If you have examples of the content you need, you can copy them into the task text and ask the neural network to use this information. In practice, this reduces the number of errors.

The quality of the result directly depends on the amount of input data.
When the task is ready, submit it and soon ChatGPT will start generating a response in real-time.

Please note that even if ChatGPT made a mistake or misunderstood the task, you can ask a leading question, ask for revision or send additional data.

Finally, we have compiled a small example for writing a pre-lander:

“Write a text in English from 6 to 10 thousand characters in size. The title of the article is the Key danger of the fungus after 45 years.

This should be a news article about the risks of fungus. Find statistics, and indicate what diseases a fungus can cause and what is its danger. Toward the end of the article, talk about the benefits of natural methods in the treatment of fungus.

You can use this data as an example:”

You will get results in real-time. Do not forget that this is just a neural network – check the materials before publishing and correct them.

What if there is no access in my country?

ChatGPT is not available in some countries.
If this is your case, in this section we will tell you how to access the neural network!

There are two main options:

  • Bypassing restrictions. Connect VPN, create Gmail mail, and use services for receiving SMS. It is important that the GEO of the instant number matches the region of the VPN;
  • Through analogs. The ChatGPT code is already used in many Telegram bots or mobile applications. Find analogs available in your country – as a rule, this is not difficult.

Both methods work great and help you access ChatGPT 100% of the time.

How to use ChatGPT in affiliate marketing?

It’s time to find out exactly how ChatGPT can make the life of an affiliate marketer easier and more profitable!
Webmasters have several key tasks that the neural network can handle:

  • Text preparation. With ChatGPT, a webmaster can save time on writing texts for creatives, landings, and pre-landers. The results will still have to be edited, but ChatGPT is quite capable of coming up with the main story;
  • Search for information and ideas. You can ask the neural network to collect information on the network or find suitable pictures. In addition, if you need fresh ideas for pre-landers, you can ask ChatGPT to generate news headlines;
  • Image generation. The neural network can draw pictures in different styles. Indicate the dimensions, background, main characters, and drawing style, and describe the essence of the drawing. In practice, it can be used to create creatives, graphic content for social networks and landing pages;
  • Working with code. The neural network can generate code in different programming languages. Specify language, task, give examples and data. Also, it can be used to edit and optimize the finished code, for example, landing.

ChatGPT can easily cope with any of these tasks, which means it will help relieve the time of an affiliate. Use the neural network in your work and check the results to avoid mistakes.

What else is worth considering?

In this section, we have collected several striking features of the neural network that are worth considering:

  • Impersonality. The bot has no personality and does not answer questions about itself;
    dangerous topics. The neural network will not answer questions about politics, or immoral and dangerous topics. For example, ChatGPT will refuse to write about wars, weapons, or drugs;
  • Formulations. Sometimes it is enough to slightly change the problem to get a quality answer. The neural network does not always understand the user’s desires the first time;
  • Replays. ChatGPT sometimes repeats data or uses the same expressions. Be careful when checking the result;
  • Rewrites. ChatGPT does not know how to rewrite and uniquely text. There is no point in asking for this, you will get a non-unique result;
  • Mistakes. Sometimes the neural network makes mistakes – for example, it refuses to write text because it considers the topic illegal. If it happened, but the request complies with the rules, feel free to argue with the robot.


ChatGPT is the latest neural network that has gained immense popularity. It can be used in affiliate marketing, today you have learned exactly how!

Generate content, fix bugs with code, look for information and ideas, and ChatGPT will save you time.

See you!


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