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10 bad tips for affiliates

If you want to end your career in affiliate marketing, today is your day. In the material, we told what exactly needs to be done so that affiliate marketing never brings profit.

The tips are suitable for both experienced affiliates and beginners who want not to delay the end of their careers. Let’s begin!

Minimum effort

Affiliate marketing is an area with a free schedule, without a boss and obligations. To reach heights in a niche, it is not necessary to try hard – just learn how to create campaigns in any advertising network and choose the right offer.

The rest can be mastered along the way if problems arise. But, they usually do not exist because the market is free, and users buy after viewing any advertisement.

And since affiliate networks and traffic sources do not develop, it is enough to master the basic data and start traffic.

If a niche offers such convenient conditions, you can take your time with development and run traffic as it flows. Remember, a negative experience is also an experience. The main thing is not to follow the mistakes and hope everything will work out the first time.

Fight with managers

Proper interaction with the affiliate program is also important. The most crucial aspect of harmonious partnerships is the ability to defend a position by any means.

Quarrels, aggression, insults, and constant demands to answer as quickly as possible are the best assistants in the partnership area. In this way, you save your time and the interlocutor’s time, explain the situation and force them to offer you the conditions you deserve.

Managers, advertisers, and partner companies are obliged to you because you get traffic for your money. In addition, they cannot fire you — you are a freelancer. If banned, you can always find another company and those managers ready to deal with quarrels.

Choose the worst traffic

Each target action is just a number on the screen for which the affiliate program receives money. The CPA network is not interested in what kind of traffic you bring and whether the leads will be converted into customers.

It means you can save money! Launch promotion to the cheapest and insolvent audience, use clickbaits, and promise users a lot of money for performing a targeted action. Anything beyond is none of your business.

If you are just starting to run traffic, there will be a hold and traffic check. Don’t worry, this is just a requirement of the advertiser. The partner company still doesn’t care what kind of traffic you bring.

When the hold ends, and you receive the first payout, you can mark this event — now, the affiliate program trusts you. While the emotions from the start of cooperation are strong, launch motivated traffic and try to phish a few leads.

So you will not only save on traffic, but also let the CPA network know that you are ready for anything for the sake of money. In the long term, this will lead to higher payouts in the hope that you will be able to bring even more low-quality traffic.

“It will definitely work”

And this trick will help save time on developing a funnel and creating campaigns. Blogs often write that you need to customize creatives to the moderation requirements, unique them, analyze the audience, etc.

It is nonsense, and here’s why:

  • Moderation. Ad networks are huge, with tens of thousands of ads going through them every day. Moderators are too lazy to keep track of each campaign because they know that a few violations of their network will not make it worse;
  • Uniqueization, cloaca, and other methods of bypassing moderation are simply not needed. Moderators look at violations through their fingers and therefore save your budget on these options;
  • The target audience is you. You don’t need more analytics, and you don’t need to promote those products that you would buy yourself. In this case, the region can be selected only based on a funny name. For example, chili sounds funny like pepper, so you can advertise warming patches for the elderly.

Most often, the affiliate cannot reliably know whether the link will be profitable or the tests will go negative. It means that you just need to run campaigns for good luck. Sooner or later, you will find your approach, of course, if the budget allows.

Don’t change funnels

When you find a profitable funnel, you can open the champagne and celebrate. Now you are provided for the rest of your life because funnels work forever. You do not need to optimize and replace them.

The audience, after the purchase, will appreciate the benefits of the product and want to buy more. If you already have a ready-made advertising campaign — the user will go again and buy. It continues indefinitely.

It’s about the perception of creativity. Banner blindness is a made-up term because once a person sees an ad, he has more confidence in it and will buy from it. Therefore, the profit will grow in the long run. It is enough not to change the targeting settings and creatives.

You can go further and optimize the process of developing funnels. Cases will help you with this. Copy landing pages, creatives, and targeting settings, after which you can move along the already prepared method.

It is important to copy one-to-one for the approach to work. Also, forget about checking the publication date. Funnels are eternal and work regardless of time.


The main rule of investment is not to keep your eggs in one basket, and it is called diversification. The bottom line is that if you direct all the funds to one area, it will be easier. A much more promising option is to invest in everything at once.

It also applies to affiliate marketing. Learn a little bit of everything, work with different verticals and traffic sources, and open accounts in all affiliate programs.

So you will quickly become a versatile specialist, save money and progress faster because you do not limit yourself to one direction.

Conference is a party

Sooner or later you will have to attend a conference. The point is not even in development and communication, but in the fact that you are tired and need rest. The main point of conferences is to have a drink and relax with colleagues.

And not a single fun party can do without situations you are ashamed of in the morning. You have everything at your disposal to create them — an unlimited bar and a friendly circle of specialists will always understand that you need to let off steam.

Take off your clothes, dance on the tables, and sing the loudest. If speakers come to the party, stay close and try to grab their attention. Start a friendly conversation on personal topics or just talk about a difficult fate — a stranger will always listen and support you.

This unusual approach will help you to be in the spotlight and help you to make as many essential contacts as possible.

Show superiority

Another important aspect of conferences and communication with colleagues is the demonstration of superiority.

Show that you are better than all the experts present, and talk about high ROI and secret approaches you came up with yourself. At the same time, it does not have to be true because the main thing is to generate interest and show that you are the best.

And if you are the best, then you are allowed more than a simple affiliate. Fight and defend your position as aggressively as possible, do not join teams, and share information as little as possible.

So everyone will think that you are an extraordinary specialist whose opinion must be reckoned with. If you’re lucky, you can be invited to the stage instead of the speaker.

No money management

Affiliate marketing is a free niche. It does not limit you in terms of time, responsibility, and geo-referencing. Do not limit yourself to money either, because everything depends on the right approach and professionalism.

Start small so you can save money. Do not analyze the region and traffic source; with the right approach and optimization, you can start with 5,000 rubles.

And if you are still afraid of losing them, borrow from a friend or from an MFI. It is easier to manage borrowed funds, which means that the chances of a mistake will be a priori lower.

Testing is another invention of financial management. Forget about it and run a campaign at all costs, so you maximize the profit from the funnel and immediately go to large volumes.

The scummer will teach

If you still have a chance for a career in affiliate marketing, it’s time to move on to drastic measures.

Collect the remaining money and buy training from any cheater. As a rule, they are well versed in affiliate marketing and lead generation, and therefore they will be able to teach you.

When choosing courses, pay as little attention as possible to the reviews and reputation of the mentor – negative reviews are left by those who could not learn because of laziness, but you are not like that.

After buying the training, do not start the lessons: close the laptop, sell it, buy work overalls with the proceeds and go to the factory.

Your efforts were worth it. Now you can say with confidence that there is no money in affiliate marketing.


It’s all a joke, and you shouldn’t do it.



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