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GEO Review: Jordan

Today, we will explore another Arab GEO – Jordan! The country is sure to captivate you with its affluent audience and steady demand for nutra.

In this piece, we will provide you with all the essential information for a lucrative venture in Jordan. Let’s dive in!

Jordan: General Information

Jordan is an Arab country with an arid climate. The state shares borders with Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Palestine.


  • Population: 11 518 577;
  • Internet penetration: ~90%;

  • Capital and major cities: Amman, Irbid, Ez-Zarqa;
  • Language: Arabic;

  • Currency: Jordanian dinar;
  • Average age: 25-54 years;
  • Average income: €520 per month;

  • Predominant type of traffic: mobile;

  • Popular sources: YouTube, Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter;

  • Feature: Polygamy is common in the country, with an average of 6-12 children in families;

  • Appearance:

Jordan: Audience

The audience in the state is open to arbitration proposals. However, when promoting, you should consider the following features:


  • Minimalism. Remember that the audience does not like an abundance of design and text. Try to make the background light and the text dark; the sun should not illuminate your landing pages and creatives;
  • Information content. Your audience is comprised of busy individuals. Try to make promotional materials succinct—2-3 screens are enough for a landing page, and 5-6 words for creatives;

  • Slowness. Despite their busyness, the audience tends to be deliberate. To prevent them from delaying the purchase of your product, indicate that the quantity of the product is limited;

  • Religiosity. Jordanians are deeply religious people. In promotional materials, avoid touching on topics related to religion;

  • Caring for elders. The audience is accustomed to helping the older generation. Offers targeting older people will resonate with the audience;

  • Trust in locals. Jordanians are accustomed to trusting locals. To increase confidence, consider adding a person of Arab appearance to your creative.

Jordan: Problems and Offers

Despite the availability of audiences, there are still problems in the country that arbitration proposals can solve. Among them:


  • Products for men’s health. The audience practically does not travel on foot—most people in the region have cars. Frequent driving causes problems with men’s health;
  • Means for women’s health. Due to climatic conditions, women often develop bladder inflammation. Also, due to cultural characteristics, such products are practically not found on the shelves;

  • Products to improve men’s health. Sex life is very important for Islamic families. Men’s health products are perfect for men 40+;

  • Skin rejuvenation products and care cosmetics. Women in the region want to remain beautiful for as long as possible. Such products are difficult to find within the country, so they are perfect for promotion;

  • Facilities for the elderly. People in Jordan are eager to help their parents. Means for normalizing the cardiovascular system will be available in GEO.

    Are you looking for offers from these categories? Write to an Everad manager! We will help you select the most relevant offers for the Gulf of Jordan and other countries.

How to drive traffic?

Jordan is an elite GEO with a solvent audience. To pour in the country, you should keep in mind the following features:


  • Language. While the audience often knows English, it’s advisable to create promotional materials exclusively in Arabic to enhance confidence;
  • Creatives. Utilize a minimal design approach, and consider incorporating photos featuring individuals of Arab appearance;


  • Landing Pages. Strive for simplicity and conciseness in your landing pages. For Jordanians, a straightforward design—black text on a white background—is often sufficient;

  • Offers. The audience will have access to products for men’s health, increasing male libido, skin rejuvenation, cystitis remedies, care cosmetics, and products for the elderly;
  • Traffic sources. When promoting, international sources such as YouTube, Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter are suitable;

  • Targeting. Focus on large cities when promoting, as 90% of the country is occupied by deserts. Also, consider targeting men, as there is a prevailing patriarchy in the region, and they often make purchasing decisions;

  • Negative. Avoid topics related to religion and Islamic prohibitions. Specify that the product’s composition is halal.

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We hope this information will help make your connections to Jordan more profitable. Good luck!


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