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Promising Offers This Summer

Due to the change in seasons, some offers have lost demand, while others have become more relevant. In this article, we’ll tell you which offers will convert well this summer and why!

Read on to discover in which GEOs these offers will convert the best this summer.

Hearing Health Products

Products for the health of hearing organs are relevant year-round However, a surge in demand is expected with the start of the swimming season. Exposure to water can damage the ears’ hearing function.

When choosing a GEO, consider the following:

  • Audience age. Hearing often deteriorates with age. Regions with older populations will have a higher demand for hearing health products;
  • Availability of beaches. Focus on coastal countries, as sea water can damage hearing if it enters the ear.

We recommend trying Italy, where the average age is 48. However, other European countries are also suitable.

Remedies for High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure products are also expected to convert well this summer. The main reason is the hot weather. Prolonged exposure to stuffy rooms and direct sunlight can quickly raise blood pressure.

When choosing a GEO, consider the following:

  • Average age. The elderly are the main risk group for cardiovascular diseases. Select countries with a high average age for promoting these products;
  • Climate. The risk of pressure surges increases in humid and hot climates. Focus on coastal regions in Europe and Latin America.

European countries with a high average age, such as Italy and Spain, and tropical regions in Latin America, such as Mexico and Chile, are suitable for promotion.

Products for Joint Health

Demand for products that improve joint mobility will also rise. The main reason is the start of the summer and tourist seasons. Both summer residents and outdoor enthusiasts can be affected by joint health issues.

When choosing a GEO, consider the following:

  • Local features. Check what percentage of the population has joint problems. Even outdated statistics can be useful, as these issues often stem from the specific lifestyle and leisure activities within a country;
  • Average age. Joint problems can occur due to the wear and tear of joint tissue common in older adults;
  • Employment sectors. If a large part of the population works in agriculture, joint problems will be more frequent.

We recommend focusing on Romania, where more than 20% of the population is employed in agriculture. Other European countries are also suitable; higher standards of living mean a larger portion of the population will be active and on vacation.

Men’s Health Products

Men’s health products are relevant year-round, but a slight surge in demand is expected in the summer due to the season’s revealing clothing and swimwear. When choosing a GEO, consider the following:

  • Religion. Men’s health products will show better results in countries where Islam and related religions predominate;
  • Employment sectors. Men’s health issues often arise due to sedentary lifestyles. This category will have the highest conversion rates among people working remotely or in offices.;
  • Demographics. Products for men’s health will be more relevant in regions with a higher male population. Additionally, pay attention to family structure — demand will increase in patriarchal societies.

The best GEOs for these products include Mexico, Guatemala, and Chile.

Women’s Health Products

Products for women’s health are always relevant, irrespective of season and current trends. However, demand can rise with increasing temperatures, which lead to more sweating and related complications.

When choosing a GEO, consider the following:

  • Gender composition. The higher the female population in a region, the greater the demand for women’s health products;
  • Cultural features. Some regions have strong stigmas against such products due to traditions, religions, and other cultural factors. Avoid promoting in these areas.

For promotion purposes, consider Guatemala, which has a hot climate and a higher female population than male.

Remedies for parasitic damage to the body

Demand for these products also rises in the summer. Hot weather increases parasite activity, leading to higher rates of reproduction and mobility, which in turn raises the risk of contagion and discomfort.

When choosing a GEO, consider the following:

  • Standard of living. Parasites are more prevalent in countries with poor sanitary conditions and weak healthcare systems. In these GEOs, demand for such products will be high;
  • Cultural attitudes. In some regions, people are afraid to admit to specialists that they have problems with parasitic infestations and try to get rid of them on their own. Demand for these products will be higher in such areas.

We recommend targeting Latin American countries, such as Chile.

Final Thoughts

Many sub-verticals of beauty and health products become more relevant depending on the season. Today, you learned which products will convert well this summer!

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