Profitable Nutra GEOs!

Nutra stands out as a prime affiliate marketing vertical, drawing interest from both seasoned pros and newcomers alike. Its potential for monetization knows almost no bounds — any traffic source, any GEO, any audience can be tapped into. After all, people of all ages and backgrounds share a common desire: to stay healthy and see a beautiful reflection staring back at them in the mirror.

Even within such a versatile vertical, certain GEOs stand out as particularly lucrative, where nutra products enjoy higher demand than elsewhere in the world. Today, we’ll focus on three Tier 1 countries: Hungary, Romania, and Italy.

The Everad team has put together a concise guide reviewing these GEOs, aimed at assisting you in selecting the right subvertical, creative strategies, and target audiences worth exploring in each country.

Hungary is a developed European country where nutri products are in high demand. Here are some key points and advantages of this country that are worth paying attention to when choosing a GEO:

  • Despite Hungary’s relatively small population of just 9 million people, internet access is widespread across the country;
  • Nearly 70% of the population falls within the solvent demographic, aged 15 to 64;
  • The average annual income, while not exceptionally high by European standards, hovers around $12,000;
  • Cash on Delivery is the preferred payment model;
  • Popular social networks include Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Tumblr;
  • Hungarians tend to favor nutra offers in categories such as men’s health, musculoskeletal system normalization, combating parasitic infestations, and leg vein health;
  • Effective advertising formats in this GEO include teaser ads, push notifications, and short social media clips showcasing product efficacy.

While Hungary’s e-commerce market is rapidly evolving, it hasn’t matured to the extent seen in other European countries. Moreover, Hungarians haven’t become oversaturated with affiliate offers, as observed in more mainstream countries.


Romania isn’t just about gambling; the nutra vertical thrives in this GEO as well. Here’s what makes this GEO a prime choice for launching campaigns in:

  • Internet penetration and population: nearly 80% of Romania’s 19 million population is connected to the internet, offering a vast potential target audience;
  • Developed e-commerce market: approximately 10 million Romanians engage in online shopping, with a preference for cosmetics, accessories, household items, and hygiene products;
  • Cash on Delivery is the preferred payment method;
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and TikTok enjoy widespread popularity in Romania;
  • Nutra offers in categories such as hair growth stimulation, musculoskeletal system normalization, eye health, and men’s health perform well in Romania.

Medical websites highlight a significant issue with excess weight in Romania, affecting 55% of the population. This prevalence leads to widespread heart disease, joint problems, varicose veins, and other health issues, making nutra products particularly appealing to Romanians.


Italy’s GEO should pique the interest of affiliates promoting nutra offers. Here’s why:

  • Italy ranks among Europe’s most developed nations with high incomes;
  • A population of 58 million people;
  • Italians have a penchant for impulsive shopping and a fondness for online purchases, a perfect blend for affiliate marketing given the urban population’s high purchasing power;
  • Social media is a staple in Italy, with Facebook and YouTube enjoying particular popularity;
  • Italians prioritize appearance and well-being, making nutra offers related to beauty, men’s health, products for fungal skin infections, and skin rejuvenation particularly effective in this market.


Today, we’ve shed light on lucrative GEOs: Romania, Italy, and Hungary — lands brimming with affectionate citizens and health concerns stemming from lifestyle choices. If you’re still on the fence about promoting nutra offers, it’s time to team up with direct advertiser Everad!

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