What offers to promote this spring?

As spring approaches, certain offers tend to gain more traction, reflecting the changing seasons. In this article, we delve into which categories of offers should be prioritized as spring arrives and why!

In today’s article, we get to the bottom of which offer categories are worth promoting this spring and why. 

Means for weight regulation

Weight control products stand out as a perennially relevant category. People from affluent GEOs consistently strive to keep a healthy physique year-round.

However, spring still sees a major enough surge of demand in this niche.

Spring tends to inspire people to reassess their physical fitness goals, driven by the impending arrival of summer and the desire to feel confident in warmer, more revealing attire.

When picking a GEO for your campaign, focus on:

  • Climate factors. In regions where summer is notably short or virtually non-existent, it may be prudent to delay introducing weight control products until warmer weather arrives;
  • Geographical features. The effectiveness of weight control offers can be significantly enhanced in regions situated along coastlines with access to beaches;
  • Audience standard of living.  In economically disadvantaged regions, individuals may not have the financial means to afford weight control products, making other offers more pertinent.


Skin care products

Skin health products are another category that’s expected to see increased demand this spring. As warmer weather approaches, people tend to wear open shoes, making this category relevant again.

Skin problems often occur in winter, winter when closed shoes create a conducive environment for fungus to thrive — lack of airflow, warmth, and an acidic environment form perfect conditions for growth.

When picking a GEO for your campaign, focus on:

  • Prevalence. Higher prevalence indicates greater demand for products to treat such problems;
  • Standard of living. Audiences from disadvantaged regions have more problems than skin health. Focus on wealthy regions where people put skin health first;
  • Climate factors.  Skin problems live at a temperature of 20-30 degrees in a humid environment.


Male health products

Male health products are always in demand, regardless of season. It’s paramount for the male demographic to prioritize their well-being and endurance. 

However, this market segment does exhibit some seasonality; the demand for these products tends to increase alongside the trend of women wearing more revealing clothing.

When picking a GEO for your campaign, focus on:

  • Gender hierarchy. Countries with traditional patriarchal values typically yield higher conversion rates for men’s health offerings;
  • Religion. Products in this category are particularly pertinent in Islamic GEOs;
  • Employment areas. Sedentary professions often correlate with higher instances of conditions. Hence, countries with a significant number of office workers present a prime target audience;
  • Demographics. Regions with a higher male population density tend to respond more actively to offers in this category.


Female health products

Another consistently high-performing category is women’s health products. Women’s health issues can affect women regardless of geographic location, seasonality, or other factors.

When picking a GEO for your campaign, focus on:

  • Demographics. The greater the female population in a country, the greater the likelihood of finding a receptive target audience for an offer;
  • Religion. In certain regions, due to cultural or religious norms, products for women might not be readily available on pharmacy shelves. In such GEOs, the demand for such offers tends to be higher.


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