Acquaintance with the support manager — Margo. Your companion in the world of nutra

Today our support manager answers questions.

Margo is a jack-of-all-trades who performs a huge number of tasks: from communication and safety net for affiliates via chats to setting up the API.

In any life situation, she advises to be yourself & Never give up!

She, like every support employee at Everad, is always ready to help and solve any of your questions.

Read the mini-interview 🙌🏻

How did you get started in affiliate marketing?

My path began with the position of a support manager and teaching everything. Since I was unfamiliar with this niche at all, I began to study it closely. She really pulled me in 😉

What is the difference between an affiliate manager and a support manager?

I would say that the difference is insignificant. Just support is more about the technical direction and additional support, including assistance for affiliate managers. It’s like a strong rear that you can always rely on.
And an affiliate manager means working more closely with affiliates, helping them solve any issues 24/7.

What standard set of tools/services should an affiliate who is just starting out in affiliate marketing have?

You can start without additional services, launching traffic directly to the stream’s link. But if you want to start normally, then it is best, of course, that you have the following things available for work:
– spy service – to search for converting promo and creative;
– proxy/vpn — which will help you uncover links and find a cool promo or check if the lead was sent correctly;
– tracker – for full tracking of all indicators

What problems do affiliates most often face, and in what cases do they need your help?

Most often, there are problems with transferring a lead to the tracker when not all seed tags are registered, or leads do not come to Facebook when they forgot or could not register the transmission of the pixel correctly.

Tell us about a case at work that you can be proud of?

There were a lot of cases, and it’s impossible to describe them all 😎 Of the most memorable those are related to the technical part when the task was to figure out how to launch a chatbot and transfer leads to us. I delved into this issue and helped set everything up correctly. Or you urgently need help setting up the archive, you spend time on it in the evening, after work, but in the morning you look, and everything is not in vain, since the traffic has already gone.

If not affiliate marketing, then what?

I think that I would work in the Digital sphere. I really like working with sites. Most likely, it would be web design or website layout. I partially studied it at the university 🙌🏻

With what expectations should not go to affiliate marketing? (not to be disappointed)

Don’t expect to hit the jackpot right away. It happens rarely, and you need to be prepared for the fact that you will need to work hard so that you can already get a stable profit after a while.

An affiliate in 2022 must:

– live and breathe affiliate marketing
– choose 1-2 verticals and be focused on them
– do not be afraid to test different hypotheses and strategies (one will definitely work)
– networking at conferences/meetups to make new acquaintances and knowledge
– contact managers for advice and conditions

What are the prospects for Nutra?

Whoever believes that nutra is dying is deeply mistaken. This niche has excellent prospects because it is the 21st century when we are used to solving many issues online. Even online ordering of groceries and medicines is becoming the norm for many people. So the growth and prospects here are very high 💪



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