Case study: get profit with Google Ads and Nomidol

Recently, Yevgeniy Google Guru – TOP affiliate with 5 years of experience in Google Ads visited Everad studio. Our guest answered the questions of the audience, shared his experience and tips.

Following a request of the audience, Yevgeniy shares the whole case study with Nomidol and Lithuania GEO.

Let’s start from the very beginning:

GEO: 🇱🇹Lithuania

CPA Network: Everad

Offer: Nomidol

Average rate: 23.7$ (there was a boost in the course of work)

Account lifetime: 6 February 2020 – 17 February 2021

Number of leads: 1721

Approve: 1037

Average approval rate: 60%

Spent: 15670$

Earned: 24669$

Neat sum earned: 8999$

ROI: 57%

Screenshots from Network

As we may see the lifetime of the account was about 1 year. There were almost no movements while working with the account. There were some changes in the advertising campaigns and other insignificant actions.


Lithuania is a small country, so we may use common targeting – MW 35+

During that period there were 3 campaigns. The target audience is not so big so it could be exhausted faster.

What was the combination?

Below you may find landing and pre-landing pages:

Creo examples

Nothing special here. There were pictures with nails and standard texts. There is no sense to include them here.

This combination is still working so you may use it in your campaigns, of course, if you know how to work with Google Ads.

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