Reach more GEOs with Friocard! It is now available in Austria and Slovakia

Conquer new GEOs and earn even more with the Friocard offer. Help your TA in Austria and Slovakia to maintain good health and get profit. In the material, you may find creatives for your inspiration and profitable combos. Check the material and start your campaign today!


👉Approve: NEW
💰Payouts: from 20$

Combination: Main, Germany (de.frio-card.ru) + Blog, DE, The means become like a drug (health-de-friocard.realstory-blog.com)


👉Approve: NEW
💰Payouts: from  15$

Combination: Main, Slovak Republic (sk.frio-card.ru) + News, SK, After such cleaning of blood vessels, hypertension is cured! (news-sk-friocard.realstory-blog.com)

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