How to increase CTR with сreo — we analyze important subtleties

Recently we wrote about where to find photos for your creatives, and today we have an article about how creatives affect CTR and can increase it by several times. Do not think that if certain creatives work for others, then they will definitely work for you. In reality, everything is much more complicated. And especially in affiliate marketing (everything is a little easier with advertising campaigns to promote a brand on the market).

If you peep creatives on spy services and take a few “in service”, you may be faced with the fact that you are far from the first person who decided to do this. As a result, after launching an advertising campaign, you will show the same creatives to the target audience as your competitors.

Of course, you should use spays wisely and you can’t not do it. But you need to approach this wisely. That is, when you find a successful creative, you need to copy not the image, but the very idea, the essence. Using spay you can find a lot of ideas that will inspire you!

And now let’s take a closer look at what creatives should be in order to get a decent profit from traffic drain in any vertical.

Understandable meaning

A representative of the target audience should understand in just a few seconds what kind of advertising is in front of him. In other words, in a creative, everything should be clear at a glance. Therefore, you need to place no more than 1-2 large objects in creatives. A lot of small details will bring chaos and confusion, and a person needs to delve into creative, concentrate.

Natural photo

Using photo stocks, you don’t need to choose overly “glossy” photos for creatives that look unnatural. They rarely generate leads. As practice shows, users believe more in photos that are simple.

When it comes to push notifications, the ideal solution is a picture that is as close to real life as possible. For example, one that seems to be filmed on a smartphone camera. It should contain ordinary people, such as we meet every day on the street. No fashion models!

In native ads, it’s better for creatives to choose higher-quality photos, but you still need to stick to as natural as possible. Fake joy on the faces of “unnatural” people rarely leads to high conversions.

Well thought out text

When creating text for creatives, it makes sense to adhere to the AIDA model:

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire 
  • Action

The text should be composed in such a sequence – first of all, it attracts attention, then it arouses the reader’s interest, after that the desire to purchase the product, and then it pushes to action.

General recommendations

Let’s look at a few more tips for increasing CTR using creatives in ads of various types:

  1. If push notifications are used on the desktop, it is worth taking photos and messenger icons for them. Photos will draw attention, and icons will help the reader understand what to do next (and what your proposal is about).
  2. When launching a campaign with push notifications for mobile devices, the main focus should be on icons. This approach shows the maximum effect when promoting offers from the nutra vertical. But, of course, everything needs to be tested.
  3. Regardless of the type of advertising campaign, try to use as simple photos as possible. We already wrote that there should be a minimum of large objects in the image.
  4. Pictures with sexy girls get more attention from men (which is quite logical). Oddly enough, the same approach works well with a female target audience.
  5. As an icon, you need to use the image of the messenger that is popular in the country where you are promoting the offer. After all, the more a creo looks like a personal message, the higher conversion it will show. Therefore, it is ideal to add the number 1 in a red circle to the messenger icon.
  6. Using emoji can also increase conversions, but this approach doesn’t always work. Immediately after the advent of push notifications, emoji gave a serious increase in CTR in creatives, but today everything has changed a bit. Therefore, it is worth testing different approaches. At the same time, it is important to understand that you do not need to use a large number of emojis in one creative.
  7. When working with Tik Tok, be sure to add the app icon to the creative. A person will think that after clicking on an ad, some kind of video will open in front of him and the conversion of the creo will increase. But you need to correctly select pictures so that a representative of the target audience really wants to click on the ad and find out what will happen next.
  8. Creatives should use personal appeals. For example, “Learn how to lose 10 kg in 4 weeks!” or “Nika sent you a message. Click to read.”
  9. Place some important facts on top of the image. Usually headings in creatives are quite short, so you can place additional information right in the picture. For example, “50 free spins” or “5 gifts for you!”. The main thing is that important facts are striking and do not interfere with the perception of information from the picture. And the main thing here is not to overdo it.
  10. Use numbers to convince. Figures are facts. And the facts allow you to increase the CTR of the creative. But don’t use percentages. As practice shows, people perceive specific numbers better (instead of “Saving 50%”, it is better to write “You will save $ 5,000”).
  11. Specify what chance of winning a person has, if it is appropriate when working with an offer. For example, “7 people out of 10 won today.”


As the practice and experience of many affiliates shows, you can get profit in absolutely any niche and when working with any offers. You just need to competently approach the creation of creativity. And do not forget about testing different creatives, as well as constant optimization of the advertising campaign.


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