Guaranteed prize for TOP1 – Rolex GMT-Master 2

Want a Rolex GMT-Master 2?!🚀😍

If someone has everything you dream of, why don’t you have it? Even if you’re 

tired of the constant stress 😵‍💫 No one will make your dreams come true for you!💥

Work 24/7 and get what you want, because the guaranteed prize for the best webmaster of The Wolf of Everad contest is Rolex GMT-Master 2🔥

You will get the Rolex GMT-Master 2 from Everad guaranteed for TOP1 😎 Believe in yourself! ❤️


Who will receive the guaranteed prize?

A guaranteed prize is awarded to the webmaster who takes first place in the overall leaderboard after the final rating fixation. 


❗️The webmaster who receives the guaranteed prize has the right to participate in drawing the final award.

And finally, don’t forget that one of the contest cars, Mini Cooper, Mercedes-Benz C Class or Porsche Carrera T can be yours😍


Drive traffic and get prizes from Everad 🚀


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