GEO review: Romania

Romania is a stable South-Eastern European GEO with decent demand levels for nutra and comfortable ad auction bid sizes. Today we’re taking a closer look at this GEO, diving into its distinguishing features and challenges, as well as identifying the best strategies and offer categories. 

As usual, let’s kick things off with some general info! 

Romania: general info

This is a typical TIer 2 country where people enjoy average income levels and standard or living. Romanis is pretty big, with 40% of the population residing outside of large cities. Internet coverage is decent and the audience is used to shopping online. 

  • Population: 19,051,562;
  • Internet coverage: over 75%;
  • Capital and large cities: Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timișoara, Constanța;
  • Language: Romanian;
  • Currency: Romanian leu;
  • Average age: 43, steadily growing;
  • Average income: ~1,000 EUR a month;
  • Popular sources: Google, YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo;

  • Features: people like their local websites and use them often;
  • Appearance:

Audience features

The foundation for nutra campaigns in Romania is robust, but to ensure their effectiveness, it’s crucial to keep in mind several features of the audience you’ll be working with:

  1. Poor education. Romania has one of the worst education systems in Europe. The audience may not be familiar with many terms, use simple language in your promotional materials;
  2. Rural population. Approximately 40% of the population resides outside major cities. This demographic is financially stable, so feel free to target more than just urban areas;
  3. Budget consciousness. EU taxes and prices taught the population to be mindful of their budgets. Discounts and promotions can boost conversions significantly;  
  4. Patriotism. Romanians closely follow politics and value their history and culture. So take it easy with the criticism and focus on positive news about the GEO;
  5. Pragmatic approach. Romanians tend to view the world realistically and base their purchasing decisions on facts. Avoid relying heavily on emotions; instead, present clear numerical data showcasing the offer’s effectiveness;
  6. Easy-going. The locals might put off their shopping plans and leave your landing, unless you tell them to hurry. If possible, stick to short funnels and stimulate your CR by mentioning limited supplies or expiring discounts. 

Problems and offers

Romanian healthcare is nothing to write home about. There’s almost no quality control and a constant shortage of qualified specialists – this ensures demand for nutra products remains high.

The country also has a number of other problems that boost the popularity of specific offer categories: 

Population ageing. Young people are leaving Romania and the ones that stay aren’t getting any younger. The average age has already exceeded 43 – this generates a lot of interest for products that help with all the following:

  • Health of the visual organs;
  • Hearing health;
  • Joint health;
  • Health of the venous system;
  • Normalization of sugar level;


Unhealthy lifestyle. Romanians love to drink and relax, they are hospitable hosts and often organize noisy parties. Copious amounts of tobacco and alcohol damages their health and elevates their need for offers in categories like:  

  • Weight regulation;
  • Normalization of sugar levels;
  • Alcohol and tobacco addiction;


Hard work. The majority of the rural population is employed in agriculture and manufacturing, engaging in strenuous work that takes a toll on their health. Consequently, workers in these sectors frequently seek nutra offers in the following categories:

  • Joint health;
  • Health of the venous system;
  • Prostate health;


Poor hygiene. Reports from tourists indicate that Romanians tend to be less meticulous about cleanliness, often discarding garbage on the streets. The situation is even worse in rural areas, making offers related to parasite prevention particularly relevant.

Everad managers are here to help you pick out top-tier offers from any category and GEO. Get in touch with them right now to find out more about relevant offers and strategies! 

Setup and campaign tips

Here are a couple more tips that can significantly boost your campaign performance:

  • Native language. Romanians know English pretty well, but they respect their own language and pay more reverence to ads in Romanian;
  • COD model. The local audience is wary of scammers and likes to pay when the goods are already delivered, making the COD model the ideal choice for this GEO;
  • Holidays. The people here never miss a chance to celebrate a holiday like it’s the last time. To avoid irrelevant leads, go ahead and switch off ads during New Year’s, Easter, May 1st and the spring celebration of Mărțișor.

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