GEO review: Hungary

Today, we’re taking a closer look at Hungary, a European GEO with a solvent audience. This country has a lot to offer, from affordable traffic prices to a robust audience and a promising demand for nutra.


Today we’ll cover everything you need to know to ensure successful campaign launches in this GEO. So, let’s dive in!

Hungary: General info

Hungary, situated in Europe, boasts a financially stable audience and a thriving economy, with over 9 million residents.


  • Population: 9,678,000;
  • Internet coverage: 88%;

  • Capital and large cities: Budapest, Debrecen, Miskolc, Szeged, Pecs;

  • Language: Hungarian;

  • Currency: Hungarian forint;

  • Average age: 25-54;
  • Average income: $17,650;

  • Dominant traffic type: desktop;

  • Popular sources: Google, Facebook, YouTube,;

  • Features: The country has a lot of migrants, the number of medics is falling;

  • Appearance:

Hungary: Audience

The audience in Hungary is receptive to affiliate marketing offers. The country has a lot of problems that nutra offers can help resolve. However, it’s crucial to consider specific characteristics of the population when launching campaigns:


  • Areas of Employment. A significant portion of the population is employed in the service and industrial sectors. This information is valuable for creating characters for your pre-landings;
  • Progressiveness. Hungarians are accustomed to traditional promotion strategies. When selecting a bundle, make sure it is up-to-date to align with their expectations;

  • Information Content. Focus on creating highly informative promotional materials. In pre-landing texts, prioritize conveying information over an emotional appeal;

  • Trust in Doctors. Hungarians exhibit trust in science and medicine. Incorporate photographs of doctors in your creatives and leverage the authority of doctors in your landing pages;

  • Respect for Elders. Hungarian culture places a high value on caring for elders. Offers targeting older demographics can be particularly effective in this GEO.

  • Love of Entertainment. The audience has a strong affinity for various forms of entertainment such as films, sports, and dancing. Keeping abreast of relevant news in these areas can enhance the relevance of your offers.

  • Lack of Doctors. Hungary faces a shortage of health workers, creating a significant demand for beauty and care products in the region.

Moving forward, let’s delve into which offers will resonate best with the Hungarian audience.

Problems and offers

In Hungary, certain categories of nutra offers have gained traction due to local health concerns. Here’s a closer look at some of them:

  • Overweight. About 60% of the Hungarian population is overweight. There is a demand for weight management products in the region;
  • Men’s health. Problems with men’s health are widespread in the country. Means for increasing male libido will go well with the audience;
  • Joints. Due to problems with weight regulation, people have joint problems. This category will be relevant for both young and old people;
  • Skin infection. Fungal diseases are common in Hungary. Offers against fungal diseases will go well with the audience;
  • High sugar level. Due to alcohol, an unhealthy lifestyle and many dishes with a high glycemic index, diseases associated with high sugar levels often occur in the audience. The category of offers for normalizing sugar will fit perfectly in the region.

Hungary: how to drive traffic?

We’ve compiled some tips for successful trading in Hungary. Here they are:


  1. Language. Since the majority of Hungary’s native population seldom uses English, and only 20% is familiar with Hungarian, it’s crucial to invest in a high-quality translation into Hungarian. This will cater to the solvent population effectively;
  2. Creatives. Opt for creatives with soft colors and adopt medical and news approaches. Showcase results and prioritize informative content to engage the audience effectively;

  3. Landings. Keep your landing pages clean and avoid unnecessary details. Consider a storytelling format written from the perspective of a local doctor; this approach enhances trust;

  4. Offers. High-converting products in Hungary include weight loss items, adult offers, remedies for fungi, cardiovascular and joint health, as well as anti-diabetes products;

  5. Local traffic sources. Beyond major platforms like Google, tap into local sources like to generate traffic and save on promotion costs;

  6. Targeting. Given the sparsity of the countryside in Hungary, concentrate your promotion efforts on towns and the capital for more impactful targeting;

  7. Taboos. Steer clear of mentioning traditional medicine and avoid aggressive or shocking promotional materials, as these approaches might deter the Hungarian audience. Strive for a more approachable and trust-building tone in your messaging.


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