GEO Overview: Oman

Today we are reviewing an elite GEO with a solvent audience – Oman. When driving traffic on this GEO, you need to take into account many peculiarities, which we will tell you about today.

In this material you will learn everything you need for a profitable traffic launch on this GEO.

Let’s get started!

General data

Oman is a small desert country with an arid climate. Most of the population is affluent and open to arbitrage offers.


  • Population: 6,407,389;
  • Internet penetration: 96.4%;
  • Capital and major cities: Muscat, Salalah, Nizwa, Suhar;
  • Language: Arabic;
  • Currency: Omani Real;
  • Average age: 26-27 years;
  • Average income: $20,500 per year;
  • Predominant traffic type: mobile;
  • Popular Sources: Google, YouTube, Yahoo,;
  • Feature: The indigenous population is religious, but not as conservative as in other Arab countries;
  • Appearance:


Omanis will please with high solvency and stable demand for nutra, the indigenous Arab population is rich. Nevertheless, when launching campaigns, consider the following characteristics of the population


  • Informative. Your audience is business people. Don’t waste their time – write short and to the point;
  • Love of minimalism. Omanis do not like an abundance of design on lendings and creatives. Often, it is enough to use a contrasting text on a light background to attract attention;

  • Religiousness. People in Oman are religious. Avoid any topics related to religion, remember about Muslim prohibitions;
  • Trust in locals. Omanis are used to trusting other Omanis. Using a photo with a person of Arab appearance will boost trust;
  • Patriarchy. Patriarchy reigns in the country. When promoting, take a vector on men – they are the ones who make all the purchasing decisions;
  • Caring for elders. The audience is accustomed to taking care of their parents. For promotion, funds for the elderly can come in.

Problems and Offers

Despite the high standard of living – the country has problems that can be solved by arbitrage offers.

Below we have collected the most demanded topics of nutra-offers for Oman:


  • Men’s health products. In Oman, as in any other Arab country, sexual activity is important to families. Remedies to increase men’s health will go great in the region;
  • Means for women’s health. Because of the climate and some traditions – women in the region often face bladder inflammation . When pouring over this category – take a vector to men as well, they make the purchasing decisions;

  • Care cosmetics. This category of offerers is in demand in the region due to the hot climate and lack of products on the counters. When promoting, specify that there are no non-halal ingredients in the composition;

  • Skin rejuvenation products. Women in the region want to look young. Due to the scarcity of such products, the category is in demand;

  • Products for the elderly. The audience is used to taking care of their elderly relatives. Products for high blood pressure and cardiovascular health will appeal to Omanis.

How to drive traffic?

Oman is an elite GEO that you need to be aware of many features to drive traffic to. Among them:


  • Language. When promoting, use Arabic language – it will help to focus on the solvent audience;
  • Creatives. Use a minimum of design, insert an image with a person of Arabic appearance and use no more than 5-6 words;

  • Landings. Make landing pages short and concise so that the audience is not distracted. Use black text on a white background so that the screen does not glare in the sun;

  • Offers. Products for the elderly audience, men’s health, increasing male libido, for cystitis, as well as grooming cosmetics and skin rejuvenation products will enter the region;
  • Traffic sources. You can promote through both cross-national sites such as Google, YouTube, Yahoo, and local sites such as;
  • Targeting. When promoting, take a vector on men. Target the capital and major cities – most of the country is virtually unpopulated;
  • Areas of employment. Most Omanis work in the oil industry, tourism and run businesses;
  • Negatives. In promotional materials avoid religious topics, long commercials, promote offers with fast delivery.

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We hope that after reading this material your funnels on Oman will become more profitable. That’s all for now, good luck!


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