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Extra monetization in affiliate marketing: how to create a news showcase correctly and what tools to use

Tools for extra monetization are services or promotion approaches allowing you to profit more from purchased traffic. There are a lot of similar services and approaches, but in affiliate marketing, extra monetization usually means news showcases with offers.

News showcases are sites that imitate a news feed, in which each news is a link to a pre-lander with an offer. The user gets there when he leaves the original landing page – and this gives the user a “second chance” to find an offer for himself and complete the target action.

It is easier to explain the mechanics of the showcase and extra monetization using an example:

Let’s imagine that you have launched traffic to a landing page and connected a news showcase to it. The part of users who refused to buy will want to leave the landing page, and at that moment the audience will be redirected to showcase.

If any news interests the viewer, he will click on it and go to the pre-lander for another offer. If the user likes the offer, he will perform the targeted action and the waffle member will receive a payout for the purchase with showcase.

If there were no showcases, some users would simply leave the landing page and not generate income.

How do they work and what are the tools for extra monetization?

In affiliate marketing, showcases with offers are used in two cases:

  • For additional monetization. Connect showcase to funnel – this will give users a “second chance” to convert if they refuse to purchase on the original landing page;
  • As an independent landing. You can run traffic directly to the news showcase – due to the news approach and bright headlines, this can have a positive effect on the cliability. With this approach, it is worth considering that you will not be able to correctly control the distribution of traffic between offers.

Otherwise, news showcases are a simple and convenient tool for monetization, which will help you extract more profit from traffic.

This is a regular site disguised as a news feed. Each entry in this feed is a link to a pre-lander with a bright teaser title in a news format. If the viewer finds this or that news interesting, he will be able to follow the link and make a conversion.

There are several ways to connect a news showcase:

  • On your own. We will tell you more about the development of showcases in the section “How to create a showcase yourself?”;
  • Through the affiliate network interface. Some affiliate networks have integrated showcases into their own interface – to connect them, just click on the desired button when creating an affiliate link.

For example, in Everad, you can open showcase both after the target action, and turning the pre-lander into a showcase after switching to the landing.

  • Through special services. There are services that independently develop and maintain news showcases. For a small commission from each purchase, such services will connect domonetization and monitor its effectiveness.

Extra monetization is free in most cases. Special services may take a commission from each conversion, but as a rule, you do not need to pay for installation and support.

The last thing worth talking about showcases is the methods through which users get to it.

As a rule, the following mechanics are used:

  • BackFix. This is the script that sends the user to showcase when they click the browser’s back button. Combines well with search traffic;
  • Popunder. When you click on any part of the landing page, the showcase will automatically open under the active window. When the user closes the window, he will be taken to the showcase;
  • Banners. You can install banners and “related articles” blocks on the landing page to redirect users to the showcase. Soft native method.

Also, do not forget that there are other methods of extra monetization – they are limited only by the affiliate’s imagination. For example, you can collect the audience into databases for push mailings and resell them in affiliate chats, or recruit an audience on social networks and monetize it with advertising.

Otherwise, showcases are still used most often in affiliate marketing. They have a lot of advantages – they do not require the constant attention of an affiliate, they work passively and monetize traffic in the usual way for an affiliate.

What happens if you don’t use extra monetization?

In general, nothing terrible for the campaign. Ads will continue to work and people will continue to buy, you just lose the potential income from those people who refuse to buy.

If you still decide to connect pre-monetization, consider a few features:

  • Advertiser restrictions. Due to reputational risks, many advertisers do not allow their offers to be promoted through showcases. Keep this in mind when choosing offers;
  • Caps and limits. When working with showcases, you will not be able to predict how many leads this or that pre-lander will bring. This means that you cannot promise an advertiser that you will achieve a stable number of targeted actions;
  • Irritation. Showcases annoy the audience and can turn them off. Try not to overdo it with aggression – take the vector for nativeness so as not to spoil the attitude of the audience.

Otherwise, if time and resources allow, connect showcases, this will help you earn more without additional costs.

How to create a showcase?

According to the development principle, the showcase is no different from other types of sites – it can be made on the landing page builder, ordered from freelancers and studios, or made manually.

We will not dwell on the technical part and work with the code – each service and constructor has detailed instructions.

Instead, we have prepared a step-by-step guide to help you avoid confusion when creating a showcase:

  1. Format. Decide on the format – the showcase can be disguised as a news feed or an authoritative resource, a profile site, a review site, and many other formats;
  2. Markup. Create an approximate site structure – decide where the header with the name will be located, how news links will be placed, prepare templates for different blocks;
  3. Design. Design the page in such a way that it inspires the trust of the audience. If difficulties arise, try to copy the showcases of competitors or contact the designer for advice;
  4. Offers. It is important that they are in the same category as the product that you originally promoted. For example, if your initial landing page has a remedy for joint pain, it makes sense to place offers for an older audience on the showcase.
  5. Pre-landers and creatives. Choose a pre-landing for each offer – you can choose ready-made news pre-landings in the affiliate network itself, or develop them yourself. Make a creative for each pre-landing in the form of an entry in the news feed with flashy headlines and place these creatives on the storefront;
  6. Script. Contact freelancers – let them prepare a landing script that will open your storefront. You can choose popunder, backfix or both scripts at once. An alternative option is to open a showcase at the site of the pre-lander when they leave it.

When the script is ready, paste it into the code of the created showcase and check if it opens correctly when interacting with the landing page you plan to send traffic to.

If everything is in order and the target actions are tracked correctly, congratulations, you have created a showcase.

All that is required of you in the future is to collect statistics on individual creatives and update them when their performance drops. Expand the list of offers, test different creatives and pre-landings – the effectiveness of the showcase directly depends on how news attracts the attention of viewers.

2 tools that will make working with extra monetization easier

It should be understood that showcases and additional monetization in general are a fresh trend that is only gaining momentum in affiliate marketing. That is why there are only two tools in our selection – a convenient service for integration and a website builder that will simplify development.


Service for integration. Suitable for those who do not want to spend time on independent development and control.

  • Provide ready-made showcases with offers for 50+ GEOs;
  • Connect and update creatives on their own, control is practically not needed;
  • Supports multiple verticals, including nutra;
  • Creatives are created by an experienced team, based on newsworthy events;
  • You can create your own news creatives, but you will have to go through moderation;
  • You can enable extra monetization in one click;
  • Average income from showcases – + 20%.


  • Landing page builder for affiliates. Perfect for self-designing showcases.
  • 44+ ready-made landing page designs in 8 languages;
  • Convenient interface adapted for affiliates;
  • There is integration with affiliate programs and a choice of 300+ offers. Most of the offers belong to the financial vertical;
  • Collects statistics, connects metrics such as Google Analytics in a couple of clicks;
  • You can connect third-party offers, domains and SSL certificates;
  • There are no limits on creating landing pages and connecting offers.


  • Monthly payment – $70 per month;
  • Annual payment – $56 per month;
  • There is a free trial period for a month.


  • Extra monetization helps to extract more profit from traffic;
  • Extra monetization can be different, but showcases are most often used in affiliate marketing;
  • These are sites disguised as news feeds. Each entry in such a feed is a link to a pre-lander with an offer, disguised as a news format;
  • The showcase opens either under all active windows, or at the moment when the user presses the “back” button in the browser;
  • For example, in Everad, you can open showcase both after the target action, and turning the pre-lander into a showcase after switching to the landing.
  • You can create a showcase on your own, connect it in the interface of some software or with the help of special services;
  • If you do not use the showcase, you will lose part of the potential income;
  • You can create a showcase manually or using constructors – the development method is unimportant;
  • It is important to pay attention to the product category, GEO and advertiser requirements;
  • Showcase needs to be updated periodically – keep track of ineffective creatives and change them to more catchy ones.



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