Direct advertiser or affiliate program, which will you choose?

Comparison of direct advertising and affiliate programs

An affiliate program means an intermediary that does not have its own product, while a direct advertiser is a company that promotes its own offers.

However, in essence, direct advertising is also an affiliate program. An example is Everad — a network with its own nutra-offers. Despite the fact that the company offers its own products, it has all the advantages of both affiliate programs and a direct advertiser.

Advantages of working with a direct advertiser:

  • Privacy and exclusivity: A direct advertiser can provide closed offers, which are more profitable to use because they are subject to less competition.
  • Higher bid: Since the direct advertiser does not pay a commission to the affiliate, it can lead to higher payouts for the advertiser or webmaster.
  • Faster payouts: Working without intermediaries can result in faster payouts for advertising campaigns.
  • Possibility of personalization: Private advertisers can customize the terms of cooperation according to the needs of a particular webmaster or team.


Disadvantages of working with a direct advertiser:

  • The need for your own traffic: A private advertiser often requires a lot of high quality traffic, so it can be more difficult for beginners.
  • Lack of support for beginners: Many private advertisers do not accept newcomers and do not provide them with the necessary support, but this is definitely not the case with Everad!


Advantages of working with the affiliate program:

  • Accessibility: Affiliate programs are open to everyone, including beginners.
  • Support and resources: Many affiliate programs provide personal managers, trackers, and other resources to make affiliate work easier.
  • Bonus programs: Affiliates often offer bonuses, bumps, points, and gifts to incentivize affiliates.
  • Variety of offers: Affiliate programs provide access to a wide range of offers, which allows you to choose the ones that suit you best.

Disadvantages of working with an affiliate program:

  • Commission: Affiliates have to give a portion of their income as a commission to the affiliate.
  • Competition: With a large number of participants in an affiliate program, competition can be high, especially for popular offers.
  • Dependence on advertisers: Affiliates may be influenced by advertisers’ decisions, thus limiting their control over the advertising strategy.
  • The need to process traffic through intermediaries: The results of partners’ work may depend on the actions of intermediaries, which may affect the effectiveness of the campaign.

The main disadvantage of working with an affiliate program is the need to pay a percentage. 

Direct advertisers can be private and collaborate with certain webs and teams, or it can be open and open to everyone. The main advantage is the saving of funds (no need to pay an affiliate program). Since the traffic goes directly, the result comes faster. Another advantage of working with direct advertising is faster payouts (in most cases). Unfortunately, private ads do not accept newcomers. However, public companies are happy to help, even if you have no experience.


The choice between a direct advertiser and an affiliate program depends on the specific needs and capabilities of the webmaster or advertiser. A direct advertiser can be effective for those looking for exclusivity and control, while an affiliate program can be beneficial for those who value support, a variety of offers, and bonus opportunities.

Don’t forget that everything is relative. For example, advertisers may offer bonuses that some affiliate programs do not have, and vice versa. Many direct advertisers have joined as affiliate programs and have ceased to position themselves as product owners, having become more open.

However, if we talk about private advertisers, the choice is up to the webmaster. Before making a decision, it is worth analyzing the reviews, your experience and opportunities. After all, most private ads have higher requirements (mainly traffic volume and quality).

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