Get bonus on your first deposit from PropellerAds

Take and use! Our partner PropellerAds provides our webmasters with a new bonus. Get $60 on your first deposit from $200 with a promo code from Everad. Here is the registration link, use it to join PropellerAds, ask your Everad manager for a promo code and get your bonus.

PropellerAds is the top Push, Popunder and Interstitial traffic source that works with all niches except adult. 8 billion impressions daily in 195+ countries, powerful auto-optimization & A/B testing tools, CPM, CPC, smart bidding models and 24/7 live support.

The main tools are:

  • CPA Goal is a tool to optimize zones and payouts, taking into consideration the conversion price specified by you.
  • In-Push Push is a new type of traffic for push campaigns, it allows to target at iOS and Mac.
  • Custom Zone Bidding to control and optimize bids based on your CPA without effort and save time on whitelisting zones

Important! The bonus could be used on the first deposit of $200. Valid till June 25th.

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