New feature to re-engage old leads: how does it work

Everad company cares about the partners and their profit. From day to day, the team implements new updates, to make your work with us easier and more comfortable and help you to earn more.

Today we tell you about a new useful feature called Cancellations. How does it work and what is the benefit for a webmaster?

Cancellations – a feature to re-engage old (refused) leads. This feature helps to increase the approval rate of each offer and, as a result, the profit.

How does it work?

It is not a secret that some customers who have before left a request, refuse to buy the goods when the call center operators contact them.

However, they are ready to make a purchase if you call them later with a special offer.

There is no magic in it. The customer could be busy, not ready to talk or the product could be really expensive. In this case, one more call from our operator who provides a special offer will help the customer to buy the product.

So what’s the profit? If during the first call the client refused to buy the product, the worker of our CC will contact the customer again. Our Call-center operator will offer more favorable conditions and a pleasant price. If the second call is successful, the approval rate of the offer will increase.

Where to find information about such leads?

The information could be found in your account. If the customer makes a purchase after the second call, the status of such lead will be changed to Approved. There also will be a note “Approved cancellation” below.

The cost of the canceled lead – 100 rubles per lead, if its status will be changed to Approved after the second call.

Please note: this feature is available only for Nutra offers and GEO Russia.

IMPORTANT! The process may take some time, depending on the Call center free capacity. It means that our operators will work with such leads not primarily.

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