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Why is it possible to do affiliate marketing from anywhere in the world?

You can earn on affiliate marketing almost anywhere. This is a free income without bosses, schedules, and geolocation – only the webmaster determines where and how to work.

Today we will reflect on the main advantage of the affiliate marketing sphere – it is about freedom. You will learn why driving traffic from anywhere in the world is possible, what is required for this, and how not to let partners down because of the difference in GEO.

Let’s start!

You can send traffic anywhere!

Experienced webmasters can easily change location without sacrificing comfort and earnings. This happened due to several features of affiliate marketing– in this section, we will tell you more about them!

The webmaster himself determines the work schedule

The advertiser does not hire affiliates on staff. He is interested in the result – the quality and volume of the leads brought. Also, it is crucial for the advertiser that the webmaster upholds the requirements set by him for the regions and methods of promotion.

Otherwise, the webmaster can adjust the schedule for himself. Nothing prevents him from organizing a sudden vacation, pouring traffic from another time zone, or stopping progress while moving.

The exception is working in an affiliate team. Each team has its requirements; the team leader sets them. It is essential to ensure that every team member is connected, regardless of the time zone.

Unlike many other online professions, there are no deadlines in affiliate marketing. This online profession has no rigid time requirements, which you can always take.

All you need is a stable internet.

As a rule, to pour traffic, you only need the Internet. Affiliate marketing can be without special equipment, staff, and other difficulties.

Ideally, the Internet should be stable, fast, and accessible from both a mobile device and a computer. If this is taken care of, developing and controlling bundles can be long and convenient.

An unstable Internet may temporarily leave an affiliate without a job. In some regions, the Internet may disappear completely, for example, due to floods, earthquakes, and other local problems.

Therefore, if you plan to change location, check for no connection problems at the new place. If the Internet is stable and available, then for sure, you can comfortably pour traffic in this region!

No physical hardware required

When moving from country to country, the webmaster can take a little equipment with him. In practice, one laptop or other device is enough, so it is more customary to pour traffic.

This means you can avoid overpaying for luggage, dealing with logistics and transportation, customs clearance, and other problems that haunt specialists from other areas. To carry affiliate marketing with you, you only need a comfortable laptop bag.

This applies not only to the move but also to the choice of a specific workplace. A webmaster can drive traffic from home and the beach – after all, he can take a laptop with him.

Also, because you do not need to buy physical equipment, it is cheaper to start in affiliate marketing than in many other niches.

Enough finances for moving and traveling

The earnings of an affiliate are not limited by anything. Experienced webmasters earn tens of thousands of dollars a month – these amounts are usually enough to live in any country.

In other words, a webmaster can afford to live and work where he wants.

Laws will allow income

Affiliate marketing is not prohibited by law – it is a legal area that is allowed in most countries. Often people need to learn about the existence of arbitration; there is no need for strict regulation.

However, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the laws for freelancers and tax laws. In some countries, foreigners are prohibited from earning without documents, even online. In addition, the tax system can be rigid – then you should take care of paying in advance to avoid problems.

What should be taken care of to pour from different countries consistently?

For the change of location not to affect the comfort and results of the bay, you need to consider several features. About them – below!

Time Zones

Different countries have different time zones. As a rule, this is fine for solo affiliates – they can advance at any time of the day and independently decide when to contact partners and managers.

However, this can be a problem if you work in a team. In this case, you will have to adapt to the team’s schedule and focus on the requirements of the team leader.

Therefore, when changing locations, plan your time zone so you are always in touch with the team.

Countries with closed and weak internet

In some countries, internet connections are slower, more inaccessible, and more expensive than in others. Also, sometimes there needs to be access to the international network in the country.

A weak or closed internet connection in a country can leave a webmaster out of a job. For example, it will not work to drive traffic from China or Turkmenistan since the webmaster cannot access software, tools, and advertising networks.

Keep this in mind – before the trip, find out in advance about the quality and availability of the Internet. This will make the income more stable and protect against situations when the webmaster is left without the opportunity to earn.

Offers with comfortable conditions

Before changing the location, select offers with comfortable conditions. There must be no strict requirements for volumes, terms of filling, test caps, and other promotion efficiency indicators.

Immediately after changing the location, the affiliate may have problems, for example, the lack of a state SIM card or the body’s adaptation to a new time zone. Therefore, to not let the advertiser down, find offers without strict requirements in advance until you can enter the usual pace of work.

There are such offers in Everad! Join and write to the manager.

Consumables and tools

For work, the affiliate needs access to consumables and tools. Therefore, before changing the location, determine how to get consumables and pay for devices in a new place.

Consumables are SIM cards, bank cards, and proxies. Take care to get these things so you can be contacted and settled in a new place.

Also, find out how to pay for instruments in the new geo, and whether they will be available.

Save your old contacts if you cannot pay for tools or purchase consumables in the new geo. A webmaster needs to have stable access to payment data and SIM cards.

The need for experience and stable income

Take your time moving as soon as you have a stable income. Gain experience in comfortable conditions – work with different offers,

Make sure you can earn enough for another country. If this is not done, you may face a shortage of funds thousands of kilometers from home, which is dangerous.

Access to a stable income

To comfortably travel around the countries, you need a stable income. This is necessary so that you do not stay on the street due to lack of work when you move.

To get a stable income from affiliate marketing, find offers without limits on the bay, gain experience in affiliate marketing, and the payment will become constant.


Affiliate marketing is one of the few areas that does not tie a specialist to one place. However, when traveling, it is essential to be prepared to change schedules, leave the arbitrage team, gain experience in advance, and reach a stable income.


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