Save 20% on your first deposit with Adwile

Get a bonus from our partners – native ad network Adwile. Register on the platform, use promo code EVERAD08 and save up to 20% on your first deposit (here is a limit – 30 000 rub).

Adwile is a native ad network with 12 billion impressions per month. The platform works with large publishers in Russia and the CIS and invites advertisers to promote almost any topic, except 18+.

Features of the Adwile ad network:

  • Selective Coefficients Tool
  • Monetize AMP and Turbo Pages
  • Conducting advertising campaigns
  • Many ways to withdraw/replenish the balance: WMZ, Yoomoney, Visa / Mastercard, Capitalist, ETH, USDT, Qiwi, Wire, Bank transfer.

Don’t miss the chance to become part of a friendly affiliate family! Welcome to the EveradChat:


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