Case: $9,000 profit per month on a top offer in Poland

Offer: Vermixin

Niche: Parasitic infestation

Geo: Poland

Period: 03/27/2022 – 04/27/2022

Spent: $7657

Earned: $16,584

Profit: $8927

ROI: 116.59%

Traffic Source: Facebook

Statistics and results:

Creatives used:


  • Treatments for parasitic infestations, joint care and women’s health are among the most popular niches in Poland. If we analyze the target audience, then we may say that they are adults who are ready to pay for solving their problems: 35+; men and women (50/50). This should be taken into consideration when launching your advertising companies.
  • In our case, the creatives that showed themselves the best were those that schematically depicted internal organs, the anatomy of the body, and possible parasites that can inhabit the human body. Images of unusual things/fruits/objects/colorful liquids also worked well. We worked with both static and video.
  • Used that text : “Pasożyty ludzkie – jak szybko i skutecznie się ich pozbyć”
  • The Poles are pleased us with a high percentage of the purchase of goods, but they do not like to buy many goods at the same time. As a result, the average check will not be high.
  • It should be taken into account that in Poland there is a large percentage of the Russian-speaking population with a mentality inherent in the CIS countries. So it will be easier for those who have worked with this region to find a common language with their target audience.
  • It is better to do all creatives in Polish. Translators from the Everad team will help you with translations for free and promptly, as well as tell you about creatives and funnels.
  • According to the statistics of our partners, the approval on most offers is 54-61% (depending on the traffic source). Rates for our top partners reach up to $38.

Don’t stop at one niche! There are slightly more women in Poland than men, so women’s topics of offers: leg vein health and women’s health are always in the top.


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