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India – more profitable, than before +3 top offers in public

Get profit, which you can only dream of, even in tier-1 countries with the top three Everad offers!

Today we will talk about a country with a target population of more than 1.4 billion — India 🇮🇳

In public from today:

Joint health
Approve: ≈ 36%
Payouts: up to $11
TA: men, women, 40+
Sources: natives, google
Working approaches: personal history (blog), news article

Normalization of the cardiovascular system
Approve: ≈ 40%
Payouts: up to $10
TA: men, women, 40+
Sources: facebook, natives, google
Working approaches: scientific article, expert opinion

Prostate health
Approve: ≈ 46%
Payouts: up to $11
TA: men, 42+
Sources: facebook, natives, google
Working approaches: expert opinion

  • In the active topic is weight correction, hair care, increasing male libido, and joint health.
  • Regarding the payment model, considering the country’s specifics and the audience, it is better to pay attention to CPL and CPA. Since people there do not always think about personal security and easily leave personal data on the network.
  • The national currency of India is the rupee. But willingly accept dollars. It means that creatives in both currencies perform equally well.
  • When making a creative, it is important to test the language in a particular region, since the country has 21 national languages. More than 40% of Indians speak Hindi and its dialects. English is in demand in densely populated cities but not unpopular among the locals.
  • In the top: Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Amazon, Twitter.

Start working with India, and the results will not keep you waiting 🙌🏻


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