2 Weeks before the end of the third quarter!

❗️2 WEEKS TO GO: The end of the THIRD quarter is coming!🔥

It’s time to pick up the pace! 💥 STOP drawing of the THIRD quarter of The Wolf of Everad in 2️⃣ weeks 😱

🗣️: Get ready for the stream announcement, where we will give away incredible prizes:

⭐️ TOP 10 – Apple Watch Hermès

⭐️ TOP 25 – Apple Watch Series 8

⭐️ TOP 50 – Apple Watch SE

⭐️ TOP 100 – Apple AirPods 3

And don’t forget that the fight for the coolest prizes of the draw continues! Don’t miss your chance to win – stay in touch and wait for updates! 🚀🏆


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