Stream of the week: Black Friday Giveaway by Everad

Do you want to get iPhone13? Waiting for gifts by services and partners? Wishes come true with Everad😍

Join the live stream by Everad studio and win Apple gadgets and gifts.

All this time, your approved leads have been credited to the competition account, and now you just need to join the live stream and wait for your gift.

What has Black Friday prepared for you:

iPhone 13 Pro Max 

Apple Watch Series 7 

Apple AirPods 3 

Affhub meetup tickets 

AWC Dubai Tickets 

Exclusive Merch Bundle 

Keitaro Pro license (3 months) 

Binom certificate (3 months) 

IM KlO License (lifelong) 

CLOAK IT Premium and Basic tariff 

Hide.Click Standard tariff (1 month) 

SpyOver tariff Professional 

AdMobiSpy myTarget License (1 month) 

Iproxy tariff BigDaddy Pro (3 months) 

Dolphin PRO tariff (1 month) 

Dolphin tariff Base (1 month) (50 USD on balance)

Good luck! 💪


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