New offer! Аshwamin – solves the problems with parasites

Meet the new offer of the week – Аshwamin. The legend of Ayurvedic medicine will solve all the problems that are caused by different types of parasites. Help your target audience to eliminate parasites, make a profit, and become a TOP-100 member.

Payouts: up to 1300 rub




Primary target audience: women and men over 35, who want to solve the problem in a quick and cheap way and avoid doctor’s appointments.

How does it work:

Аshwamin – ease digestion by eliminating all parasites, solve the problem of allergy by neutralizing toxins of helminths, strengthens the immune system by protecting the body from reinfection.

Composition: extracts of ashwagandha root, larch bark, ganoderma lucidum, amaranth seeds, inula root, fireweed, birch bark, hawthorn fruit, panax, chestnut fruit, ginkgo biloba leaves, artichoke baskets, etc.

Method of application: 1-2 capsules two times a day, 40 minutes before meals with warm water.

Volume: 20 capsules

Shelf life: 2 years

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