The withdrawal of payments to Karta.io is available! 

We keep on delighting you with convenient updates! From today, the withdrawal of payments to Karta.io is available! 

 Karta.io is virtual cards service for ad accounts and it allows you to: 

  •  Issue an unlimited number of bank cards to pay for advertising costs on Facebook, Google Adwords, TikTok, and other advertising networks; 
  •  Get cards with a high trust rate because the cards belong to Mastercard, Visa Business class; 
  •  Top up the balance directly from the advertising network; 
  •  Check statistics of expenses in real-time. You can also create a convenient report at any time for each member of the team or the company; 
  •  Create different levels of access within the team; 
  •  Get the team leader full control of all accounts: you can set limits and rules for the account of each employee. 

Log into your Everad account and take advantage of new opportunities!


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