How to drive traffic to parasites offers in Indonesia

Do you want to drive traffic to Indonesia? Let me help you! My name is Tigerad and I am the main expert in this GEO. Before you start your campaign you should investigate all the peculiarities.

Today I will tell you about the parasites niche.

Indonesia is split by the equator and has a tropical climate. It is the perfect environment for different types of parasites. Moreover, Indonesians do not use cutlery. They prefer to eat with the hands.

Plus, most of the population has a weak immune system and is not used to monitor health. The majority prefers to visit healers or use such products as Intoxic.

Target audience

In order to create a successful campaign use some advice to attract the right audience. Read below to find more details about three main types of TA.

TA 1. Mother

She is no longer a young but an experienced housewife – 30-55 years old. She is happy with her husband and children and wants to care about their health. She has already faced problems caused by parasites. She is looking for different ways to solve the problem. What is important: cheap, safe and natural remedies.

TA 2. People who seek recovery

People over 30, they have found some clear signs that they are infected with parasites. For example, they may feel some itching, etc. They usually have family and children. It could be both household and office workers.

Both men and women want to live healthy lives without parasites. They are afraid of complications and don`t want to infect other family members. What is important: effective and immediate relief remedy.

TA 3. Hypochondriac

They live with the fear that they have a serious and undiagnosed medical condition. They tend to dramatize their symptoms. Both men and women 30-50 years old with children. What is important: to protect their families from different diseases.

Successful approach

The working approach – papillomas. In our case, a journalist is interviewing an expert, who tells that papillomas are caused by parasites.

Creo examples

That’s all for today! If you have any questions – message me, I will answer all of them.

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