Romania: GEO insights and verified offers

Are you ready for the information about one more profitable GEO? Today you will learn how to work with Romania and Romanians. Here we review preferences, online behavior and the main health problems of the Romanians.

Target audience profile: population, languages, preferences

Romania is situated in the southeastern part of Central Europe. Here you may find picturesque landscapes, cozy old cities, extremely broad and deep Danube and Transylvania with its mysterious legends about Count Dracula.

The majority of the population are Romanians – 83.4%. Besides, there are also Hungarians – 6.1%, the Romani – 3.1%, Ukrainians – 0.3%, Germans – 0.2% and other nationalities.

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Besides Romanian, the countrywide official language, and language of 90% of the population there are other spoken languages. These languages include Hungarian, Romani, Ukrainian, German, English. Certainly, it is better to use the native language of the country in your ads.

Bucharest, Constanta, Iasi, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Craiova, Galati, Brasov, Ploiesti, Braila are the largest cities of the Romania.

As in the majority of the countries, the working week in Romania includes 5 days and 40 hours per week. The minimum rate of labour payment in the country is 562$ per month, and the average monthly pay is about 1364$.

Romanians and the internet: popular websites

The larger half of the population are active internet users – about 15.35 million.

The TOP-10 of the most visited websites in Romania includes Google and Facebook in the 1st and 2nd places. Everyone enjoys videos and movies, so Youtube is the third one. Google.ro and Yahoo search engine take the 4th and 5th. Online shopping portal eMAG.ro ranked as 6th, and Wikipedia – as 7th. The 8th, 9th and 10th places are shared by Olx.ro, Pornhub and news platform Digi24.ro.

Social media networks

Let’s pass on social media networks. More than half of the country’s population uses social media. According to statistics, an average country citizen spends more than 2 hours using social media. However, only 37% of people use social media for work purposes. The remaining time is usually used to communicate with friends, for shopping, watching videos and other things.

Online shopping peculiarities and preferences

An average online customer in Romania is a person about 25-35 years old, who lives in the city. A large percentage of online consumers prefer the COD scheme. But if we speak about online services (tickets, payment for utility services) – the majority choose card payment.

In the pandemic context, the number of Romanians shopping online increased by 8% compared to 2019. The largest market sector is fashion. Electronics, furniture, food and personal hygiene products are also on the top.

Main problems

Life expectancy in Romania is not so good, but the population density is quite high.

More than 50% of the population is affected by cardiovascular disease. The man’s half of the population, like in any other European country, is susceptible to diseases such as prostatitis and potency.

Problems with joints occur in both elderly people and young athletes. Don`t forget to take it into consideration while creating a campaign. Women (as well as some men) are concerned by the varicose problems.

The problem with parasites is relevant in any country and for all ages, so we recommend the Wortex offer to solve this problem.

What sources of traffic to use?

Facebook, Google, MGid, Adnow (CEO)

TOP offers for your profit

Urotrin, prostatitits/potency
Approve: ≈64%
Payouts: up to 27$
Link: https://everad.com/offer/91
Combination: 10. Main, Romania (ro10.urotrin.com)

Arthro Lab, joints
Approve: ≈62%
Payouts: up to 26$
Link: https://everad.com/offer/505
Combination: Main, Romania (ro.arthro-lab.com) + News, RO, Very dangerous misconception that calcium is good for joints (news3-ro.arthrolab.realstory-blog.com)

Wortex (Europe), parasites
Approve: ≈57%
Payouts: up to 26$
Link: https://everad.com/offer/618
Combination: 2. Main, Romania (ro2.wortex-remedy.com)

Keraderm (Psoriasis), psoriasis
Approve: ≈66%
Payouts: up to 26$
Link: https://everad.com/offer/543
Combination: Main, Romania (3-ro.keraderm-cream.com) + medNews, RO, What measures has Romania taken to help people with psoriasis? (med2-ro-keraderm.realstory-blog.com)

Varius, varicose
Approve: ≈61%
Payouts: up to 27$
Link: https://everad.com/offer/84
Combination: 2. Main, Romania (ro2.variuz.ru)

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