Must have: essential affiliate marketing tools for beginners

If you are a beginner, much less an experienced affiliate you know that there are a variety of services you need for successful work and profit. It is so easy to get lost among all the tools and websites, so we made a selection of the most essential ones. In the material, you will find the top tools and services that are permanently used by our affiliates.

These are the tools you will definitely need to create a successful campaign, make profit, and earn more.

SPY tools – are spy programs or services, which help affiliates to keep an eye on their biggest competitors and advertisements. Different SPY-tools are used for different niches. Below is the list of the most popular ones:

AdSpy the biggest database on Facebook and Instagram: 90+ million advertisements, 203 countries, 88 languages.

Filters: keywords, texts, URL, page names, offer ID, TA, GEO, language, etc.

Price: from 149$/month, there is a free trial option.

GEO: 203 countries

AdvanceTS accumulates advertisements from teaser networks, Vkontakte, Instagram, myTarget.

Filters: keywords, GEO, size, life cycle and picture type, device, etc.

Price: from 33$/month, there is a free demo.

GEO: Russia, CIS

Bonus: 25% discount with promo code: everad25

Publer accumulates advertisements from Vkontakte, myTarget, Instagram, and teaser networks.

Filters: keywords, GEO, size, life cycle and picture type, device, etc.

Price: from 40$/month.

GEO: Russia, CIS

AdPlexity is a competitive intelligence tool for mobile, native, and adult ads. 100+ CPA networks, 120+ mobile partners.

Filters: keywords, PP, date, type of ads, device, GEO, language, connection type, source, tracker.  

Price: from 149$/month, there is a free trial option.

GEO: 75+ countries

Bonus: 30% discount with promo link

SpyOver for monitoring and analyzing teaser ads.

Filters: 13 networks, language, device, PP, tracker, date, and display period.  

Price: from 149$/month, there is a free demo version.

GEO: 115 countries

Bonus: 33% discount with promo code: Everad33

Anstrex foreign tool for push and native ads.

Price: push – 79.99$/month, native ads  – 59.99$/month, push+native ads – 124.99$

GEO: 92 countries

Bonus: 20% discount with promo link

AdHeart for monitoring and analyzing Facebook ads.

Filters: text, links, apps, Facebook pages, creation date.  

Price: from 39$/month, there is a free demo version.

Telemetr Telegram channels monitoring tool. You will be able to check the other channels’ statistics and choose the promotion method.

Price: from 19$/month, there is a free demo version.

GEO: RU and CIS 

Megaspy push ads monitoring tool.

Price: free

GEO: 100+ countries

The work of an affiliate can not be imagined without a tracker. This magical tool really makes life easier. With the help of the tracker, you can control and optimize all advertising campaigns, split traffic and switch advertisers, landing pages, and offers without changing the link in the campaign. By the way, the majority of trackers provide a free trial period when you can use most of the functions.  So you can choose the most convenient option for you.

Here are the TOP-5 trackers:

Keitaro powerful tracker with flexible settings. Keitaro users can differentiate traffic according to GEO, language, keywords, etc.

Price: from 25$/month, there is a free trial option.

Bonus: 23% for the first 3 months with promo code: Everad25

AdsBridge – an effective SaaS platform that helps to set up campaigns, distribute traffic, create landing pages, and conduct tests.

Price: from 29$/month, there is a free two-week trial.

Bonus: 23% for the first 3 months or -50% for one month with promo code: Everad50

Binom – self-hosted tracker which can be placed on the webmaster`s server and be under control. Such a variant helps to speed up the report generation process, work with high traffic volume, and provide security. 

Price: from 99$/month, there is a free two-week trial.

Bonus: 40% discount for the first month with promo link 

Zeustrack – the hybrid tracker, does not require separate installation. You can easily create reports, define rules for access, assign responsibilities to the team, manage servers and domains.  

Price: from 116$/month, there is a free one-week trial.

CPA Tracker – allows to track the website’s performance, landing pages, VKontakte groups, mobile applications, offers in CPA networks, and any other internet pages that can be accessed from a browser.

Price: from 33$/month, there is a free trial.

It is also necessary to tell about the tools for the visual part of the campaign – promo creation. Beautiful pictures, unusual gifs, or videos – all of these things attract the attention of your target audience and lead to action. How to make your promos work? Try to think about creative pictures or written messages. There are numerous websites with free photos and online services where you can create your promo quickly. Have a look at the most popular:

Canva is a graphic design platform that allows users to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents.

Price: free/from 12,95$ for premium version

Gifmachine – a platform that allows users to create gif images.

Price: 2$ for one gif, there are some discounts.

Crello – one more platform where you can create videos, pictures, and animation. 

Price: free, there is a Pro version – from 7$

Pablo – a platform where you can create simple posts: picture+text. There is a free photo gallery, you can also upload your photo, add a logo or graphics.

Price: free

Fotostars – a platform where you can edit photos, add text, use photo filters.

Price: free

Ezgif cross-functional editor for gif images.

Price: free

One more thing that any affiliate definitely needs is hosting. Hosting is a service that allows organizations and individuals to post a website or web page onto the Internet. All your promos have to be placed somewhere. Hosting will solve this problem.

Three types of hosting:

Shared hosting (the cheapest variant) is perfect for entry-level website hosting. This is where your website will be stored on the same server as multiple other websites. There are certain functional limitations, but it is ideal for beginners. 

VPS/VDS – is the ultimate middle ground between a shared server and a dedicated server. It is a perfect variant for website owners that need more control, but don’t need a dedicated server.

Dedicated – is a single computer in a network reserved for serving the needs of the network. This variant is unpopular for affiliate marketing as it is expensive and requires specific knowledge. It is not a good variant for a beginner. Usually, affiliates use shared hosting or VPS/VDS.

FirstVDS – one of the most popular and cheapest in Russia. You can get the money back if your website is about to move. In addition, it is possible to order additional RAM, backup disk, IP addresses.

Price: from 2$/month

FriendHosting there is a wide range of VPS, VDS servers located in Bulgaria and the Netherlands.

Price: from 2$/month

VScale.io website hosting provider both for beginners and experienced webmasters (CIS).

Price: from 2$/month

DigitalOcean an American cloud infrastructure provider. It is a good choice for a beginner with a low budget and those who work with the Asia market.

Price: from 5$/month 

Namecheap  American domain registration and management service, and web hosting services. Is good both for beginners and experienced webmasters.

Price: from 3$/month 

This is our selection of tools and services for every affiliate. Most of them will be helpful both for beginners and experienced webmasters. Save the list, start running traffic, and earn more!

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