We announce a new position in EveradChat — the Boss of the chat!

Now each member of our team will receive the position of hostess for a week and will keep order, answer questions, share current memes and news, recommend the latest news and the hottest GEOs.

Every week we announce a new Boss of the chat. Our managers, executives, support, brand ambassadors and even CEO Everad will participate!

  • Need a converting approach?
  • Top seasonal offer?
  • New geo?
  • Recommendations?
  • Service discounts?

The Boss of the chat is in a hurry to help!

We start on August 1st! We will introduce you to the first participant. And you can already prepare questions, because at the end of the week Boss of the chat will choose the winner who asked the most interesting question!

*the owner of the chat has the right not to answer too personal questions


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